Popl Business Card Review of 2023: Why Everyone is Talking About It

popl business card


Are you tired of carrying around stacks of traditional paper business cards?

There’s a modern solution called Popl.

This blog post breaks down everything you need to know about Popl business card and how it can make your life easier and your networking game stronger.

Discover the advantages of using Popl, a smart business card incorporating digital and NFC technology, over traditional paper cards.

Key Takeaways

  • Popl offers a wide range of digital business card products, including Flats, Tags, Cards, Badges, Keychains, Wristbands, and Smart Phone Cases and stands.

  • Professionals seeking a modern way to connect with others in their field can benefit from Popl’s easy-to-use and efficient digital business cards.

  • Users can activate their Popl tags or cards by tapping them against the back of their phone and creating a personalized digital profile with all their contact information and social media links.

  • With NFC technology or a custom QR code, users can easily share their profiles with others and make meaningful connections in the digital age.

What is Popl?

popl business card

Popl is a digital business card brand that offers a range of products, including Flats, Tags, Cards, Badges, Keychains, Wristbands, and Smart smartphone cases and stands.

These products are perfect for individuals who want to ditch their traditional paper business cards and embrace the digital age.

Popl business cards on products

Popl offers a wide array of products designed to make sharing contact information easy and seamless. Here’s a closer look at these innovative items:

  1. Popl Flats: These sleek, thin devices attach to the back of your mobile phone or case for instant sharing capabilities.

  2. Popl Tags: Available in various stylish designs, these tags can be attached to keychains, making them a convenient addition to your everyday items.

  3. Popl Cards: Less bulky than traditional business cards, Popl cards use NFC technology to instantly share your digital profile.

  4. Popl Badges: Perfect for events or meetings, these badges allow you to share your professional details with just a tap.

  5. Popl Keychains: Always have your digital business card ready with these functional and stylish keychains.

  6. Popl Wristbands: Ideal for social gatherings, festivals, and networking events, wristbands are a fun way to start sharing with Popl.

  7. Smart Phone Cases & Stands: Guarantees that you always have your contact details on hand – literally.

Who is Popl best for?

Professionals seeking a modern way to connect with others in their field may find Popl an excellent choice. This digital business card company is geared toward individuals who want to exchange contact information quickly and efficiently without the need for physical business cards.

Its convenient, easy-to-use format makes it ideal for networking events or meetings where multiple contacts get made.

While individual professionals can benefit from these NFC-powered cards, Popl also caters to teams. Companies looking for a uniform method of communication across employees can use customized Popl tags or flats adorned with their logo.

The advanced features enable leads to seamlessly capture and share email signatures, making it apt for businesses wanting smart connections in the digital age.

How Popl Works

popl business card

To activate Popl Tags or Cards, simply tap them against the back of your phone. Then, create a digital profile with all your contact information and customize it with a personal photo, social media links, and more.

You can easily share your profile with others using NFC technology or a custom QR code.

Activating Popl Tags or Cards

Setting up your Popl tag or card is a straightforward process with just a few simple steps.

  1. Purchase the Popl accessory of your choice. Various options, such as a keychain, wristband, or flat, are available.

  2. Download the Popl app on your compatible phone.

  3. Launch the app and sign up using your account details.

  4. Navigate to ‘Activate a Popl’ option in the app.

  5. Hold your phone near your Popl accessory to activate it.

  6. Create a digital profile by filling in contact info and social media links you wish to share.

  7. Test out the activated Popl tag by tapping an NFC-equipped phone against it.

Creating a digital profile

To create a digital profile with Popl, follow these steps:

  1. Sign up for a free Popl account.

  2. Enter your personal information such as your name, email address, and phone number.

  3. Choose a professional and approachable profile photo that represents you well.

  4. Write a compelling bio that highlights your skills, experience, and interests.

  5. Add your job title and company information.

  6. Include links to your social media profiles and website, if applicable.

  7. Customize the background photo of your digital card to make it more visually appealing.

  8. Select any additional features or settings you want to enable on your digital card.

Sharing profile with NFC technology or custom QR code

Popl’s digital business card solution allows you to easily share your profile with others using cutting-edge NFC technology or a custom QR code.

No more fumbling for paper cards or worrying about them getting lost – simply tap your phone against another compatible device and let the magic of NFC do the rest!

Alternatively, you can share your digital card by displaying your custom QR code on a screen.

It’s quick and convenient and ensures your contact information is effortlessly transferred to the recipient’s device. With Popl, networking has never been easier.

Popl Review and Features

The Popl digital business card offers a variety of features that make it stand out from traditional paper cards. With its easy-to-use app and NFC technology, users can instantly share their contact info, social media links, and more with a single tap.

The Popl Profile allows for customization with personal photos and background images, while the Popl Connections feature helps you connect online with others with the same technology.

Advanced analytics allow users to measure true ROI and track leads captured through their Popl card.

Popl Profile

The Popl Profile is an essential feature of the Popl digital business card platform. With this profile, users can create a personalized online presence with all their important contact information and social media links.

It’s like having your virtual business card that you can easily share with others. The Popl Profile allows you to customize your background photo, add your job title, and even include a personal photo to make a lasting impression on potential connections.

By simply tapping your Popl Card or scanning the QR code, people can instantly access your profile and connect with you online. It’s convenient, efficient, and perfect for networking in today’s digital age.

Popl Connections

Popl Connections is one of the key features that sets the business side of Popl apart from traditional paper business cards. With Popl, you can instantly connect with others in the digital age by simply tapping your Popl Card or Tag on their smartphone.

This innovative technology uses NFC (Near Field Communication) to quickly exchange contact information, social media links, and even custom links like Zoom backgrounds or email signatures.

Unlike physical business cards that often get lost or forgotten, Popl Connections ensures that your contact information is saved and automatically sent to the recipient’s phone with just a single tap.

Popl Share

Popl Share is a feature that makes sharing your digital business card quick and effortless. With just a single tap, you can instantly share your contact information, social media profiles, websites, payment apps, and even files.

Whether the recipient’s paper business card has the Popl app or not doesn’t matter; they can receive your digital business card without any hassle.

One of the standout features of Popl Share is its use of NFC technology. This means that instead of manually exchanging contact information like traditional paper cards require, you simply tap your Popl Card or Tag to another compatible phone to share your details.

It’s a modern alternative that streamlines networking events and eliminates the need for cumbersome physical cards.

With Popl Share, you have everything at your fingertips to make connections in this digital age. You can easily link taps with potential clients or colleagues by providing them instant access to all relevant information about yourself or your business.

Popl Insights

The Popl Insights feature is a game-changer for businesses and individuals alike. With advanced analytics, you can finally measure the true ROI of your digital business card. See how many link taps you’re getting, track leads captured, and gain valuable data on who’s interested in your profile.

This information allows you to make data-driven decisions to generate more leads and capture more sales and connections. Say goodbye to blindly exchanging contact information at networking events – with Popl Insights, you have the power to connect online and see real results in the digital age.

So why settle for traditional paper cards when you can have a modern alternative that offers advanced features like Popl Insights?

Join the thousands of satisfied users who are experiencing the benefits of Popl’s innovative technology today.

Popl Settings

Popl Settings lets you personalize your digital business card according to your preferences. With Popl, you have full control over your profile information, connections, sharing preferences, and insights.

You can customize the look and feel of your digital card by adding a personal photo or even your company’s logo. Plus, you can choose which contact details, social networking events, and media links to display on your card.

Whether you want to share your email address or include multiple ways for people to connect with you online, it’s all up to you. With advanced features like background photos and Zoom backgrounds, Popl Settings truly make your digital business card stand out in the crowd.

Pros & Cons of Popl Digital Business Cards

The Popl Digital Business Cards have their own pros and cons to consider. Both aspects are further detailed below.

Popl Business Card offers additional app features for lead generation and provides extra information on contacts.The digital business card can be slightly confusing for those not familiar with NFC technology or QR codes.
The product works as advertised and is reliable as a digital business card.There could be compatibility issues with some older smartphones.
The digital business card is sleek, professional, and three times faster than the Popl Dot.The initial setup process can be a little time consuming.
Users can exchange contact information without the need for the other person to have the app or a Popl device.Some users might prefer to keep their contact information private and thus, might not be comfortable sharing it through Popl.
Popl offers a free version as well as a pro version, catering to different needs and budgets.Some essential features are only available in the pro version, requiring a paid subscription.

Popl Pricing

Popl offers different subscription plans to cater to the needs of its diverse customer base, ranging from individuals to enterprise-level companies. Their affordable and flexible prices ensure everyone can enjoy digital business card benefits.

ProductMonthly PriceYearly Price
Popl Business Card$6.49$7.99
Popl Pro Plan$9.99$76.99
Popl Enterprise Plan$29.99Contact Popl for information
Standard Popl Digital Card$14.99 (one-time purchase)
Popl TeamsContact Popl for information

Popl offers a 14-day free trial period for their Business Card, providing a risk-free opportunity to explore their offerings.

In addition, businesses can save money by purchasing a single card for team members instead of individual cards. The pricing details for Popl Teams are only available upon direct contact with Popl.

Final Words

Popl is a top-notch digital business card company with exceptional features and an easy-to-use interface. Users have raved about their stellar customer support and found the onboarding process to be seamless.

With its affordable pricing and ability to customize your profile with social media links, Popl is the perfect solution for small businesses and startups looking to make a lasting impression in the digital age.

Upgrade from traditional paper cards to Popl today and experience the convenience of instant sharing with just a single tap.

PAA (People Also Ask)

1. What are Popl digital business cards?

Popl digital business cards offer a way to instantly share contact info and social media platforms, unlike traditional business cards, using a small Popl logo attached to your phone or its case.

2. How does the Popl business card work?

When you tap your phone on another’s, saved Popl automatically sends the receiver your profile link, which contains all your pertinent information if they have a scanner app installed.

3. What unique features does the Popl digital card provide?

Popl offers AI-powered scanning capabilities for unlimited scans, additional business features like team profiles, links to social media platforms, and even iPhone widgets!

4. Can I customize my Popl more with other products?

You bet! You can attach Popl onto leather or silicone cases for customization while making those invaluable digital connections at networks.

5. Does utilizing these Popls help me better understand my networking reach?

Yes indeed! With every scan and share through Popl’s platform, you can finally measure true ROI from networking where real customers reveal how teams love Popl’s seamless connection feature.

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