Best NFC Business Cards to Win the Networking Game in 2023

Are you tired of paying a fortune for paper business cards? Or have you ever found yourself in an awkward situation where you ran out of paper business cards in your pocket? So, are you looking for a smart business card?

Tiredness no more because I will help you find the perfect solution by reviewing the best NFC digital business cards in this post.

But before we get into it, let’s answer the question of why NFC business cards are necessary in the first place.

While there are QR codes, links, Bluetooth, and airdrops, Fortune 500 companies like Google, Tesla, and Coca-Cola supply their employees with digital business cards equipped with NFC chips. But why?

NFC (Near Field Communication) works even without Wi-Fi or an internet connection. You can easily hand over your contact to potential leads in offline situations. 

For example, imagine a Coca-Cola employee having a meeting in a remote area without an internet connection. It would be much easier for them to carry a lightweight NFC business card instead of a bunch of heavy physical cards.

That’s why NFC technology is widely used in payment systems as well. Your debit or credit cards operate through this chip, ensuring smooth commercial activities even without an internet connection.

Whether they are iPhones or Android phones, most smartphones since 2012 have come equipped with NFC tags or chips inside. In areas with limited internet infrastructure, NFC is even more frequently used. This means that NFC-enabled business cards are a smart choice for networking.  

So, let’s find out what is the best NFC business card for you, your team, or your company.

My Top 3 Picks

1. Popl: Best Overall NFC Business Cards

2. Linq: Best NFC Business Cards for Large-Size Organizations

3. Qwerty: Best NFC Business Cards for Freelancing

What are the Best NFC Business Cards?

1. Popl

Popl-Main-Page best nfc business cards

When using Popl, sharing your business information is just the beginning of what it can do.

Along with the basic contact details, you can also create Teams for your employees, perform bulk actions, and identify potential leads through key analytics.

Popl is a top-notch NFC and digital business card option that offers advanced features beyond NFC technology.

It allows you to create your digital profile on an NFC card and seamlessly integrate it with various CRMs like Salesforce and email providers like Outlook.

It can be integrated with social media platforms, enabling you to link to their profiles and portfolios and allowing potential contacts to learn more about their professional backgrounds.

Popl offers real-time analytics, providing users with valuable insights into the effectiveness of their networking efforts and helping them refine their approach over time by tracking their digital business card’s performance and identifying who viewed or shared their contact information.

Featured NFC Embedded Items

Popl iPhone watch band with NFC chip and QR code best nfc business cards
Source from Popl

iPhone Watch Bank

This Watch Band is the ultimate tech accessory for networking on the go.

Made from premium soft-touch silicone, it’s comfortable and stylish with an NFC chip, which enables others to tap your wristband or scan your QR code to receive your digital business card.

No need to worry about carrying a stack of traditional business cards. You’ll always be ready to make connections.

Popl-24K-NFC-Business-Card best nfc business cards
Source from Popl

24K NFC Business Card

This 24-karat gold-plated Popl card has built-in technology and a PopCode on the back for instant sharing.

Just one tap on the back of any compatible smartphone or use the PopCode to instantly share contact info, social media, websites, payment apps, and more.

No app or Popl is needed on the other end.

Popl Key Features 

  • Create Teams for employees
  • Perform bulk actions
  • Identify potential leads through key analytics
  • Integrates profile with an app
  • Offers QR codes | NFC
  • Seamlessly integrates with various CRMs and email providers
  • Offers a range of customization options
  • Allows integration with social media platforms
  • Provides real-time analytics to track the performance of the digital business card

Popl Pricing 

Buying a Popl product will give you a free profile and app download. However, if you’re looking for more advanced features like video and CRM integration, you’ll need to upgrade to the Popl Pro Version or opt for a Team account. It starts from $6.49, and the NFC card’s cost starts from $4.99 (premium polyvinyl card ), $44.99 (metal card), to $99.99 (24k gold card) as a one-time payment.

Popl-Pricing-1 best nfc business cards

2. V1CE

V1CE-main-page best nfc business cards

V1CE platform creates products featuring NFC technology, including business cards, phone cases, and wallets with built-in chips.

One of the most notable features of V1CE is the ability to have multiple business profiles and choose which one to share depending on your client or contact’s characteristics.

This allows for a more personalized and targeted approach to networking, which can be especially useful in today’s fast-paced and competitive business world.

best nfc business cards

One advantage of this embedded NFC chip on the phone case is that you don’t have to take the card out of your pocket. You can just locate your phone near the new lead’s phone, then your profile transfer.

The most notable feature is that you can have multiple business profiles and select which one to send based on your customer’s preferences.

All Apple, Samsung, OnePlus, Google, HTC, Huawei, LG, and Nokia phones after 2017 are comparable with V1CE’s phone case.

V1CE-card-color-material-options best nfc business cards

V1CE offers flexibility when it comes to materials for making NFC cards, including plastic, wood, and metal. 

If you are looking for a cheaper option, plastic cards are a good choice, as they offer great customization options and come in a wide range of colors.

V1CE Key Features

  • Customization options available with designer assistance
  • Setup process allows for adding social media and phone numbers
  • Multiple business cards available by switching between accounts
  • Secure and encrypted payment system for safe information exchange
  • No app required for V1CE

V1CE Pricing 

V1CE’s NFC business cards range from $49 to $179, with a 24k gold metal option at $359—no monthly subscription fee. Android phone case NFC chip inlaid is $52, while iPhone phone case NFC chip inlaid is $72. They offer you discounts for multiple or bulk purchasing.

3. Linq

Linq-Main best nfc business cards
Linq-Products best nfc business cards

Linq provides you with digital business cards for various NFC products, such as cards, tags, stickers, badges, event products, etc., equipped with NFC chips and QR codes.

Comparing other competitors for NFC business card services in the market, Linq stands out for its services tailored to different sizes or goals, such as individuals, teams, brands, or events.

Large companies such as Amazon, Tesla, Harvard University, Samsung, Coca-Cola, and Google have chosen Linq.

The reason for this is the easy-to-use management dashboard, as shown in the image below, which allows for rapid onboarding of team members and expansion of organizational capabilities.

Linq-team-1 best nfc business cards
Adding Team Members
Linq-team-2 best nfc business cards
Bulk Uploading
Linq-team-3 best nfc business cards
Customizing Profiles

The product can be flexibly assigned and managed by enabling bulk activation and reassignment, eliminating the need to track products.

Linq ensures consistency by easily controlling page content through templates and overriding administrator access to individual pages.

Linq Key Features

  • NFC tags at your disposal
  • Digital business cards offered
  • Team members can have their own accounts
  • Badges and hubs available for your business
  • Linq Pro enables embedding of videos and other apps
  • Multiple NFC devices provided for various business and marketing purposes.

Linq Pricing 

Individual & Pro: Free plan available. $6.99 monthly fee with tracking platform and custom features. Digital or NFC business card costs start at $ 12 to $75. Phone tap, bracelet, and key chain featured in NFC are under $30.

Commercial: Linq offers $50 per hire for the industries, real estate, and mortgage, retail, automotive sale.

Team: prices are varied. contact to Linq

4. Mobilo

Mobilo-Main best nfc business cards

Mobilo card is designed for professionals who want to increase their network ROI. 

Not only can you create custom NFC business cards online, but there are also great tools to help expand your customer base.

Using Mobilo, you can create your digital business card, a dedicated landing page that looks modern and professional, a lead generator, and a link to any URL.

Moreover, the most standing-out feature of Mobilo is its ability to easily switch modes depending on the situation, like the image below. 

Mobilo-4-Swichable-mode-1 best nfc business cards

You can just share your business card with potential clients using NFC or QR codes. But it doesn’t stop there – you can also switch to lead generation mode and quickly save the other person’s profile to your CRM.

Their amazing lead generation system provides real-time analytics, so you can track leads whenever you need them. 

Mobilo-CRM-Integrarion best nfc business cards
Mobilo Real-Time Analytics Dashboard

Mobilo Key Features

  • Integrate their CRM for automated lead generation
  • Share all your social media accounts using their app
  • Direct people to your Calendly link, which enables contactless payments
  • Their NFC devices operate offline.

Mobilo Pricing

The smart business card is available in various designs and is reasonably priced. The entry-level design starts at just $4.99, while the NFC card cost starts at $19.50 for using its platform. It’s a one-time cost no subscription fee.

Mobilo-Pricing best nfc business cards
Mobilo-card-pricing best nfc business cards

5. TapTok

Taptok-Main best nfc business cards

TapTok is a platform that helps people and businesses connect with their customers or followers in a modern and eco-friendly way.

It offers tools for communication and engagement, and it works for all kinds of businesses and organizations.

With Taptok, you can protect your information from getting lost or stolen while also getting access to advanced features that track your leads in real-time. 

Customizing your profile to fit your brand and tracking how potential customers interact with your information is made easy with Taptok.

Plus, you can enjoy free product updates to keep your experience fresh and up-to-date.

TapTok Key Feature

  • Real-time customization options
  • Online lead tracking system
  • Eco-friendly smart business cards
  • Lost and stolen protection
  • Battery-free operation
  • Zero printing costs

TapTok Pricing

With TapTok, you only pay a one-time fee of $29.99, regardless of the number of devices or metal cards you want to purchase. The NFC card starts at $9.99(High Quality PVC), $59.99(High Quality Laser PVC), $79(Metal), to $99(Customizable Metal).

6. Blinq

Blinq-Main-1 best nfc business cards

Blinq is quick to create and allows you to add up to 20 different fields to your vCard, including social media accounts, unique product or project links, payment apps, and more. 

You can share your card via personalized texts and emails, your card’s URL, or scan your virtual business card’s QR code. 

Blinq also allows you to create multiple cards, design your own dynamic email signatures and virtual backgrounds for video conferencing calls, and create QR codes. 

In places where the internet is not available, you can use NFC cards to share your contact information and profile with potential leads. This can be done even if the other person does not have the Blinq app.

The app is used worldwide and is perfect for conferences, trade shows, professional events, and face-to-face customer interactions.

Blinq Pricing

The smart business card is available in various designs and is reasonably priced at $14(Essential), $40(Personal Branded), and $60(Custom). It offers a free plan, while the entry-level subscription starts at just $3.99 for using its platform.

Blinq-NFC-Card-Price best nfc business cards
Blinq NFC Card Pricing
Blinq-subscription best nfc business cards
Blinq Subscription Pricing

7. Qwerty Card

Qwerty-Main best nfc business cards

Qwerty Card offers a powerful dashboard where you can manage multiple cards and users all in one place. Using the profile builder, you can update your contact information, social media handles, and website links at any time without extra charges.

In addition to sharing contact information, Qwerty’s NFC technology enables you to share images, videos and files up to 10MB with different actions. You can also create different profile sets under one card and switch between them to easily adapt to new surroundings. Whether you need a business, personal, or custom URL profile, Qwerty covers you.

Furthermore, Qwerty Card serves as a lead generator, allowing recipients to share their details with you, which goes straight to your dashboard. You can save all leads onto an Excel file or import them to your CRM system for easy follow-up.

And if you’re an Apple user, you can always add your Qwerty Card to your Apple Wallet and have it with you. Cards from the wallet can be shared with anyone on any device without needing an app.

Qwerty Card Key Feature

  • Create multiple accounts under one NFC card
  • Apple wallet support available
  • Environmentally friendly digital cards provided, no PVC option
  • Shipping available worldwide

Qwerty Card Pricing

Light Card: $ 39

  • Premium card with built-in NFC and QR code
  • Update information on card at any time
  • Easy-to-use web portal
  • Lead generator
  • No subscription
  • Next day shipping

Pro Card: $49/ year

  • Custom designed card with built-in NFC and QR code
  • Update information on card at any time
  • Powerful dashboard with unlimited customizations
  • Share images, videos and documents
  • Different profile sets under one card
  • Lead generator
  • Apple Wallet support
  • Team discounts
  • Next day printing
  • Free global shipping

Digital Card: $29/ year

  • Digital Card with QR code and unique URL
  • Update information on card at any time
  • Powerful dashboard with unlimited customizations
  • Share images, videos and documents
  • Different profile sets under one card
  • Lead generator
  • Apple Wallet support
  • Team discounts
  • Ready to use straight away

What Are NFC Business Cards?

NFC business cards are a modern form of digital business card that uses NFC technology to store your contact information. With NFC, two devices can easily transfer data wirelessly. These smart cards can be in the form of a smartphone or a metal card, and they contain your contact details, social media platforms, and any other information that can help grow your business. NFC business cards are a convenient and paperless way to exchange contact information, and they are also harder to lose than traditional paper cards.

How Do NFC Cards Work?

NFC business cards store your contact information using an NFC tag or chip. You can update the card’s information at any time and share it with anyone by tapping it on a smartphone or tablet. Some NFC cards even come with multiple chips, allowing you to switch between different digital business cards for different accounts.

PAA(People Also Ask)

Are NFC Business Cards Worth It?

Yes, if you want to grow your network and outreach, NFC business cards are a must-have. They are easy to use and convenient, while also being eco-friendly compared to traditional paper business cards.

Are NFC Business Cards Safe?

Yes, NFC business cards are completely safe to use. The data is encrypted to prevent unauthorized access, and you can share contact details without worrying about the card being lost or stolen.

Wrapping Up

NFC business cards make exchanging contact information easier and more convenient than traditional paper business cards. With these modern digital cards, you can greatly increase your lead generation and sales. So why not start using them today? Get your own NFC business card and become tech-savvy, whether you’re a business leader or an entrepreneur.

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