ContactOut Review: Boost Your Outreach Marketing Strategy in 2023

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Are you struggling to find reliable contact information for potential leads?

It’s common to face hurdles in sales and recruitment, and many professionals go through this experience.

Our detailed ContactOut review, an email-finding tool garnering attention, may be the solution to your problem.

Let’s explore how it can revolutionize your outreach marketing tactics – dive in!

Key Takeaways

  • ContactOut is a powerful tool revolutionizing outreach marketing by providing instant access to accurate contact information for business professionals.

  • With ContactOut’s Chrome extension, users can easily find emails, phone numbers, job details, and contact information on platforms like LinkedIn.

  • ContactOut’s search portal utilizes AI technology and boasts a massive database of over one billion emails, allowing users to find candidates directly, even those not on LinkedIn.

  • Email Marketing Campaigns feature provides a seamless solution for sales reps and marketing teams looking for an efficient way to connect with their ideal customers.

What is ContactOut?

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ContactOut is a potent tool revolutionizing outreach marketing by offering instant access to precise contact information for business professionals.

Overview of ContactOut

ContactOut is one of the groundbreaking AI-powered outreach marketing tools streamlining lead generation and bolstering your sales scalability.

It allows users to directly access an astounding one billion plus email addresses, transforming how sales reps and recruiters source contact information.

This innovative platform instantly delivers verified email IDs and phone numbers with just a single click function, streamlining your research process immensely.

Not just limited to recruitment tasks, ContactOut has proven highly beneficial for boosting sales efforts by enabling swift and efficient gathering of accurate contact details from LinkedIn profiles.

ContactOut Main

How ContactOut works

ContactOut revolutionizes how sales and recruiting professionals find contacts through its powerful Chrome extension.

Getting started with ContactOut

Getting started with ContactOut is a straightforward process. Here are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Head over to the Google Chrome Web Store.
  2. Search for ContactOut’s Chrome Extension.
  3. Download and install it onto your web browser.
  4. Login into your LinkedIn account.
  5. You can now start browsing the LinkedIn profiles of various business professionals.
  6. As you visit each profile, the ContactOut Chrome Extension works in the background, finding accurate emails and phone numbers from an extensive database.
  7. This data immediately becomes available on the user’s dashboard for instant access.
  8. If you’re a sales or marketing team member, use this contact information to conduct email campaigns or direct dials to potential prospects.
  9. Recruiting teams could also leverage this tool to find ideal candidates and organize them efficiently.

Features of ContactOut

ContactOut offers several features to enhance outreach marketing efforts. These include a Chrome Extension, a Dashboard for easy management of contacts, a Search Portal for finding contact details, Email Marketing Campaigns with customizable templates, and more.

Chrome Extension

ContactOut offers a powerful Chrome extension that is compatible with popular browsers like Chrome and Brave. Users have praised this extension for its exceptional performance, surpassing other similar tools they have used in the past.

With ContactOut’s Chrome extension, you can easily find emails and phone numbers, job details, and contact information on platforms like LinkedIn and other company websites. This means you can prospect faster on LinkedIn and add potential leads to your database effortlessly.

The ContactOut Chrome extension is highly sought after by users looking for an efficient tool that allows them to gather essential contact details quickly.


ContactOut’s dashboard is a powerful tool that revolutionizes outreach marketing. It acts as a central hub, allowing users to save leads and organize candidates into groups. Once registered, users gain instant access to the dashboard, where they can effectively manage their leads and conduct targeted marketing campaigns.

The dashboard includes in-built search tools and templates, making it easy to find prospects and send out personalized emails. Additionally, the dashboard offers lead scoring, market insights, and account-level insights, helping users prioritize their leads for more successful prospecting efforts.

With ContactOut’s dashboard, sales and marketing teams have everything they need in one place to reach their ideal customers with accurate information.

Search Portal

ContactOut’s search portal is a powerful tool that revolutionizes outreach marketing. With the search portal, you can find candidates directly, even those who are not on LinkedIn. It utilizes AI technology and boasts a massive database of over one billion emails.

This means that you have instant access to accurate contact information for your ideal customers or decision-makers. The search portal is highly regarded by sales professionals and recruiters for its ability to quickly source contact details with just one click.

So whether you’re looking to expand your sales team or streamline your recruiting efforts, ContactOut’s search portal has got you covered.

Email Marketing Campaigns

ContactOut’s Email Marketing Campaigns feature is a powerful tool for sales and marketing teams to automate and streamline their outreach efforts. With this feature, users can run multi-stage email campaigns, allowing them to effectively engage with prospects at different stages of the sales process.

Importing prospects is made simple with just one click, saving valuable time and effort.

One of the standout features of ContactOut’s email marketing campaigns is the ability to personalize emails at scale. Users can easily tailor their messages to fit each recipient, increasing the chances of engagement and conversion.

Additionally, ContactOut allows users to send emails directly from LinkedIn, making it even more convenient to reach out to potential leads.

In conclusion, ContactOut’s Email Marketing Campaigns feature provides a seamless solution for sales reps and marketing teams looking for an efficient way to connect with their ideal customers.


ContactOut offers a wide range of templates that are designed to revolutionize outreach marketing. These pre-configured templates can be easily customized by users to suit their individual needs.

Whether you’re looking to create effective email marketing campaigns or streamline your sales and recruiting efforts, ContactOut’s templates have got you covered. With the ability to customize each template, you can ensure that your messages resonate with your target audience and drive results.

Say goodbye to generic emails and hello to personalized outreach with ContactOut’s customizable templates.

Pros and Cons of ContactOut

ContactOut offers several advantages for sales and marketing teams, including its Chrome extension which provides instant access to contact information on LinkedIn profiles. ContactOut’s search portal also allows for efficient browse and search capabilities.

However, there are some drawbacks to consider, such as the limited number of searches available in certain pricing plans and the absence of additional features offered by competitors like Snovio and Lusha.

Pros of using ContactOut

ContactOut offers a range of benefits for sales and marketing teams, making it a valuable tool for outreach marketing:

  1. Access to over one billion emails: ContactOut provides instant access to a massive database of email addresses, ensuring you have a wide pool of potential leads to reach out to.

  2. Accurate contact information: With its powerful search engine, ContactOut helps you find accurate contact details for business professionals, including their email addresses and phone numbers.

  3. Integration with LinkedIn: ContactOut seamlessly integrates with LinkedIn, allowing you to easily extract contact information from LinkedIn profiles. This integration enhances your prospecting efforts and saves you time.

  4. Easy to use: ContactOut is user-friendly and easy to navigate. Getting started is simple, and the interface is intuitive, making it accessible even for those without advanced technical skills.

  5. Reusable templates: ContactOut offers reusable email templates that can be customized according to your needs. This feature streamlines your email campaigns and helps you maintain consistency in your messaging.

  6. CRM integrations: ContactOut integrates with popular CRM platforms, allowing you to easily organize your contacts and track interactions with prospects. This feature enhances collaboration within your sales team and improves overall productivity.

  7. Extensive search capabilities: With ContactOut’s search portal, you can conduct extensive searches based on various criteria such as job titles, industries, or companies. This helps you identify the right prospects for your outreach campaigns.

  8. Accurate data: ContactOut prides itself on providing accurate information, ensuring that the emails and phone numbers you obtain are up-to-date and reliable.

Cons of using ContactOut

ContactOut has some drawbacks that users should be aware of before using it for their outreach marketing efforts. Here are the cons of using ContactOut:

  1. Limited database: While ContactOut has an extensive database, it does not have every contact you may be searching for. Some contacts may not be available in their database, which can limit your options.

  2. Premium features for paid subscribers: Advanced features and capabilities are only accessible to users who subscribe to ContactOut’s paid plans. This means that free users may not have access to all the tools and functionalities offered by ContactOut.

  3. Need for additional tools: Depending solely on ContactOut may not be enough to fulfill your outreach marketing needs. Users may need to combine the use of ContactOut with other tools or platforms to maximize their productivity and find accurate contact information.

  4. Not all contact details provided: While ContactOut aims to provide accurate data, there is no guarantee that all the contact details provided will be up-to-date or accurate. It is always recommended to verify the information obtained through multiple sources.

Alternatives to ContactOut

Some alternatives to ContactOut include Snovio, Lusha,, and


Snovio is a powerful tool that serves as an alternative to ContactOut for your outreach marketing needs. It offers features and capabilities that can enhance your prospecting efforts and help you find the right prospects.

With Snovio, you can easily find emails and phone numbers of business professionals by searching LinkedIn profiles and other social media platforms. The extensive database provided by Snovio ensures that you have access to accurate information when reaching out to potential leads.

In addition, Snovio offers reusable templates and email campaigns to streamline your communication with prospects. This AI email writer can be a valuable asset for sales and marketing teams in their quest to connect with ideal customers.


Lusha is a software tool that provides businesses with access to a vast database of contact information. With over 150 million personal emails and 200 million work emails, Lusha offers an extensive collection of accurate data for finding potential customers, leads, and business partners.

They boast an impressive accuracy rate of 99%, giving sales and marketing teams the confidence they need in their outreach efforts. In fact, Lusha holds a market share of 14.49% in the email finder category.

With its powerful features and comprehensive database, Lusha is a valuable tool for any company looking to streamline their prospecting efforts and connect with their ideal customers. is a powerful tool that can significantly improve your email outreach and marketing campaigns. With better market coverage compared to ContactOut, specializes in finding the personal email addresses of specific individuals.

It offers alternatives to ContactOut, such as FindThatLead, VoilaNorbert,, AnyMail Finder, and ContactOut. If you’re looking for an AI email writer for your outreach marketing needs, is definitely worth considering. is another powerful tool that can help streamline your outreach marketing efforts. It is a sales engagement platform designed to assist sales and marketing teams in finding and connecting with leads.

Although there is no specific data available about in the given content, it can be considered as an alternative to ContactOut when searching for accurate contact information, including email addresses and phone numbers.

With features like CRM integrations, templates for email campaigns, and access to an extensive database of LinkedIn profiles, offers a range of tools to support your prospecting activities.

Final Words

ContactOut is a game-changer in the world of outreach marketing. With its user-friendly interface and powerful features, it revolutionizes how sales and recruiting teams find and connect with potential leads.

Whether you’re browsing LinkedIn or using their search portal, ContactOut provides instant access to accurate contact information, helping you reach decision-makers and close deals faster.

Say goodbye to hours of searching for emails and phone numbers – ContactOut does all the work for you. Boost your prospecting efforts today with this must-have tool!


1. What is ContactOut?

ContactOut is a productivity contact-finding tool that helps you find leads and email addresses on LinkedIn and GitHub.

2. How much does ContactOut cost?

The exact price of using ContactOut varies, for up-to-date details, refer to the official “ContactOut pricing” information.

3. Are there alternatives to ContactOut?

Yes, several alternatives offer similar services like LinkedIn Recruiter Pro and LinkedIn Sales Navigator but each has its unique features as per individual requirements.

4. Do I need a standard LinkedIn account to use Contactout?

Having a LinkedIn account will enhance the effectiveness of your outreach marketing efforts with unlimited search capabilities and more in-depth access to contacts across the Western World.

5. How can I manage multiple people or leads with contactout?

With an active contactout account, users can easily use the ‘saved leads’ feature for managing multiple people or potentially useful contacts, thus maximizing efficiency.

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