7 Fastest Ways To Make Money Blogging 2023

Are you looking for the fastest way to make money blogging? If you have or plan to start a blog, know how to use it as a source of revenue. In this post, we’ll show you the 7 fastest ways to make money blogging.

Here’s a rough summary of what we’ll cover: Feel free to use the “Table of Contents” to jump from where you are reading to where you want to read.

  • Prepare To Make Money Blogging: Choose a Profitable Niche
  • Fastest way to make money blogging
    • 1. Display Advertising
    • 2. Sponsored Content
    • 3. Affiliate Marketing
      • One Product Focused Post
      • Comparison Shopping Post
      • Banners
      • Email list
    • 4. Digital Products
      • EBook
      • Theme/Plugin
      • Sell a Course
      • Host Paid Webinas
      • Sell Service Online
    • 5. Speaking and Events
    • 6. Subscribers Only Content
    • 7. Repurposing Content

Prepare To Make Money Blogging: Choose a Profitable Niche

In order to figure out how to make money from blogging, deciding on a niche for money blogging is the first step you should take.

Your niche market is an important factor in determining which core keywords you will use and which industries those keywords relate to.

It’s important to carefully explore and decide on your niche, as the advertising price per click for keywords varies depending on which industry you choose: profitability

Ideal niche defines by passion, knowledge, and profitability to make money blogging.

You can make money blogging by reviewing products and services in your chosen niche.

Select a niche for your money blogging based on your passion of you from your knowledge from your experiences.

Plus, ensure the niche generates enough keyword volume, checking out whether its volume has been increasing or decreasing throughout recent years.

To measure the online popularity of your niche, try a keyword research tool like Google Keyword Planner, Google Adsense, SEMrush, Moz Pro, and Ahrefs.

Google Keyword Planner and Google Adsense are free after account registration. However, SEMrush, Moz Pro, and Ahrefs are paid plans. Do you know why you use paid tools? The image below shows an overview of keywords in SEMrush, which provides a professional analysis at a glance that is not available in free analysis tools.

The image shows a keyword overview of running shoes by Semrush.  It provides keyword search volume, difficulty, cost per click, and search intent with the historical trend.
The image explains how conveniently organized its dashboard is to show a keyword overview of running shoes by Semrush.  It provides keyword search volume, difficulty, cost per click, and search intent with the historical trend.

Use the Keyword Tool to do an in-depth analysis of which niche to choose based on the following questions:

  • How many people are searching for this term on Google each month?
  • The keyword trend for the last 12 months shows whether a keyword is rising or losing ground.
  • The cost per click advertisers would pay for Google Ads targeting that keyword.
  • What kind of search engine results page features or featured snippets appear for the keyword?

You can use Keyword Explorer to discover which niche is most popular based on related keyword searches, and you can also come up with blog topics. By basing blog post ideas around dynamic keywords, more people are likely to discover your content through search engines.

Fastest Way To Make Money Blogging

Here’s the most popular method for earning income through money blogging. Consider which of your niches would generate the most revenue, then learn more about those options.

1. Display Advertising

One of the fastest ways to make money blogging through your blog is by displaying ads. Many bloggers choose to display advertising on their blogs as a form of revenue, and Google AdSense is one popular platform for this.

Displaying ads through Google AdSense is one of the ways to make money blogging.

Google provides a platform for publishers to place ad content on their websites and generate revenue from doing so. This opportunity is extended only to those with high-quality content. The ads might include videos, image banners, and text links.

Google AdSense blocks allow you to put ads on your website, which will then be visible to everyone who visits your site. When a visitor clicks on one of your ads, you will gain a fractional amount of the revenue based on how much the advertiser paid for that click (CPC – cost per click).

To estimate the revenue you could generate from Google Adsense, they provide you with a revenue calculator that estimates how much you could earn from your website based on its topic and monthly traffic.

Bloggers who have high-quality content and generate a lot of traffic can easily make money with Google AdSense.

For example, you could do affiliate marketing if that interests you.

You don’t want an AdSense advertisement to draw your visitors’ attention away from potential revenue-generating affiliate links. Or, Creating an expensive digital product or course can be the greatest way to make extra income.

Google AdSense is the simplest way to monetize a large amount of traffic for money blogging.

2 .Sponsored Content

Along with display advertising, some advertisers might want content that is created specifically for them. Custom-made content like this is typically called sponsored content.

Sponsored content is effective in a variety of ways- one way being that some sponsors may pay you to post sponsored blogs on your site.

This would allow them to advertise their product by writing a sponsored message that would be included as an introduction part of the content. This way, readers would be more likely to see and engage with the sponsorship message.

Some sponsors might want you to publish an entire blog post that they have written about their product on your blog. Being a sponsored post publisher can be easy because the sponsor gives you content to publish, and they pay you. In this case, to ensure that the quality of your sponsored content meets the standards set by the rest of your blog, it might take several rounds of editing.

Some sponsors want you to write an entire post dedicated to their product or service.

The image shows how to add "Advertiser Disclosure" on a blog page to make money blogging successfully.

Finding a balance between sponsored and non-sponsored content on your blog is important. Too many sponsored posts can turn readers off, but if you include too few, you could be missing out on potential revenue.

For efficient money blogging, keep your readers engaged by ensuring that your blog provides a good mix of educational and sales content.

3. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing lets bloggers make money blogging by sharing user experiences and promoting products and services related to their niche: Product Reviews. You may check out our ” How to Write Product Review” posting and get the Product Review Template.

Searching through top affiliate marketplaces like ShareASaleCommission Junction, and PartnerStack is an easy way to research the best affiliate products in your niche.

How it works: After you sign up for one or more affiliate marketplaces, you can start searching for products in your niche. Once you’ve found products that fit your niche, you can apply to the affiliate program.

Following approval of your application, you will be given a special URL to use when promoting the product. You will get a cut of the sale if someone clicks on that URL and buys the thing.

The amount of potential revenue you can generate is dependent on how well you target your content toward an audience that is likely to buy from affiliate links.

Affiliate marketing is a great way to generate revenue to make money blogging successfully. Here are some ways you can promote affiliate products on your blog:

3.1 One Product Focused Post

Having experienced the ease of use benefits of a specific affiliate product, write blog posts highlighting those advantages.

You may have noticed that the bolded words below are product names. Accurate keywords must be used when targeting consumers who search the keywords with purchasing intents.

Below are some examples of headlines you could use:

  • 7 Ways I Use Motion for Business Productivity
  • How to Optimize Your Blog for Search with Semrush
  • Why I Chose Rocket.net for WordPress Web Hosting

When writing “one product-focused posts,” introducing its specification and market value and detailed user experiences will be helpful for the customers searching for real-world user experiences to guide your decision-making. This will help you to generate profitable traffic from potential customers considering making a purchase.

3.2 Comparison Post

By writing blog posts that compare multiple affiliate products, you can drive traffic to your site and make money at the same time.

For example, a post comparing ” WordPress web hosting companies” would include links to several of these businesses, all of which offer affiliate programs. By becoming an affiliate for these companies, you can receive some portion of the commission on any sales generated from clicks on your links.

After you’ve selected the companies, enroll in their affiliate programs.

As you wait for approval from each program, take the time to write an unbiased summary of each hosting company. Be sure to include information on their features and costs, as well as any general sentiment you may find from reviews of the company.

No matter which hosting company the reader chooses after reading your post, if you effectively prove that any of the options in your post would make a good choice, then you’re likely to earn commissions from that post.

In other words, giving your readers multiple affiliate product options increases the chances that they’ll make a purchase.

3.3 Banners

The image shows one of an example of banner advertisement.
Example of Banner ad.

Advertisers will generally provide image banners that you can post on your blog to support affiliated products. You can insert banners in locations such as your blog’s header, sidebar, and footer.

You can place banners throughout your blog post content, such as midway and at the end of the article. This is particularly effective if the product being advertised is related to the topic of your post.

For example, if you aim for a blog post to build links, you might include banners for SEO Software

Banners are a great way to generate sales and revenue from web visitors who already know about the advertised affiliate products.

However, a blog post concerning the affiliate product is more likely to generate conversions than a banner ad.

3.4 Email List

You can promote affiliate products to your email subscribers by sending them links to your latest blog posts about the product.

By using this method, you are more likely to have people reading your post and clicking on your affiliate links. Periodically, you can email your subscribers about sales and discounts on items that you know they will be interested in.

Include persuasive arguments in your email to tempt people into clicking on your affiliate offer. In other words, take the main points from a blog post about an affiliate product and insert them in the body of the email.

By including affiliate links in your emails, people are more likely to click through and make a purchase. Using a newsletter template for your emails enables you to add banners for affiliate products to the email easily.

Or, by selecting a banner for your affiliate product that matches the topic of your email, you will be more successful.

Again, this will only help you gain sales from people who are familiar with the product and have considered buying it already.

If you are regularly writing content that mentions the affiliate product and its benefits, you can help familiarize your readers with the product and then convert them via the banners.

Regardless of whether you plan to promote affiliate products, an email list is something you cannot afford to ignore.

Most monetization strategies can be bolstered by having a strong email list to promote your products and services. Hence, if you haven’t built an email list, now is the best time to start.

4. Digital Products

If you’re looking to generate more revenue than what Google AdSense brings in, then affiliate marketing could be a viable option for you. By effectively promoting and selling other people’s products, you can earn commission income that can help boost your bottom line. However, selling something where you can earn the entirety of the income is incredibly lucrative.

If done correctly, selling your own digital products can help you make some serious money.

Even though you have to spend some time upfront creating your product, it can eventually generate passive income for you.

With no product quantities to worry about running out and shipping and delivery always reliable, you can focus on selling to as many customers as possible.

To increase your product’s promotion, sign up as an advertiser on one of the top affiliate marketplaces (ShareASaleCommission Junction, and PartnerStack). Doing so will allow you to connect with publishers (bloggers) who are interested in promoting your digital product for a commission.

Here are some digital products you can sell online unlimitedly and get other bloggers to promote as your affiliate.

4.1 Ebooks

The image shows all information of blog posts turn into ebooks.

For bloggers, ebooks are one of the easiest products to sell–especially if they already have a lot of content. You can often turn blog posts into ebooks or transcribe audio and video to create one.

Alternatively, if you want to start making money from your writing, one option is to write an ebook and sell it online. To promote your book, you can share excerpts or insights from it as blog posts.

You can distribute your ebook through multiple channels, including Amazon and other online bookstores. With this platform, you can make more money and gain exposure to new potential fans.

4.2 Themes and Plugins

If you have any blogging-related talents, such as programming or graphic design skills, share your themes and plugins with other bloggers in your niche.

For example, if you have a sports blog, you could create a WordPress theme that is specifically for sports blogs. This theme could come with a premium plugin that imports scores for the sporting events you cover.

You could distribute your themes and plugins in multiple ways. WordPress offers free versions of its software that can be easily downloaded from its website. Additionally, you could generate revenue by selling premium versions of your themes and plugins on your website or through online marketplaces.

4.3 Sell a Course

In-depth content creators can charge up to $999 or more for their services, depending on the value of the information they provide.

A course is more than just a set of blog posts, but can be the foundation for a good one.

The most popular courses often include videos, quizzes, and other materials that can help students apply what they learn to their own lives or businesses.

A frequent question people ask you could be the basis for your next course.

Knowing that most people are starting from scratch, you will be able to better cater your content to beginners.

Once your course is created, many publishing methods are available, but for WordPress users, we recommend either  Wishlist Member or MemberPress.

If you’re looking for an alternative, consider using a platform like Thinkific specifically built to host best-selling courses. You can publish unlimited courses for unlimited students each month for only $39.

Thinkific offers both members-only and open discussion groups. You can use Facebook groups to create a members-only discussion group for your course or an open group to actually promote the group.

Additionally, you can sell your course on popular marketplaces like Udemy. With this option, you would have access to a pre-existing pool of students who are likely interested in courses similar to yours.

Not only does Udemy provide a ready-made audience for your course, but you can also research your topic to get an idea of how popular it is and where there might be some changes for improvement in other courses.

4.4 Host Paid Webinars

There are many ways to monetize your blogging, one of which is through paid webinars. Webinars can help you sell affiliate products or your own products. You can host free webinars to promote these products and services, drawing in an audience that might not have otherwise found out about them.

Webinars are effective because they offer the listener valuable information and promote a relevant product.

Webinars can also be used as a one-time educational event or mini-live performance. The only thing you will sell by hosting these webinars is the content from the webinar itself, not another affiliate product or your own personal product.

4.5 Sell Service Online

Although it’s not as ‘passive’ as other revenue-generating methods, selling services online can still be profitable.

By writing blog posts, you become an authority figure in your field and show potential customers that you know what you’re talking about.

As one of the most successful bloggers, marketers, and digital gurus, Marie Forleo offers training courses, podcasts, and Marie TV. Her website is a good case study of a consistent income stream.

Marie-Forleo-offers-training-courses Money Blogging

For example, if your blog covers news, trends, features and guides for businesses that want to be visible on Facebook.

If your readers appreciate the tips you offer in your blog posts, they’re more likely to also trust you for aid with crafting a Facebook strategy that fits their business well.

And with that, you could start a Facebook/social media consulting service.

A great way to start building your list of testimonials is by offering free consultations to people/businesses who would be likely to give you a positive review.

Enrich your credentials by passing the  Facebook Certification Exams on business marketing and advertising.

Use your testimonials and credentials to create a highly recommended services page on your blog that will help you attract new clients.

If you want to broaden your services outside of your blog, consider signing up for gig or freelancing marketplaces like Fiverr or Upwork. With them, you could sell your services on platforms that already have service buyers.

The image shows Fiverr as a freelancing marketplace.
The image shows Upwork as a freelancing marketplace.

A drawback to selling services is that your earnings could be different from the amount of time you can spend completing the service. Affiliate marketing and digital products are additional income streams for many service providers, so they don’t always have to be working in order to make money from their blogging.

5. Guest Speaker at Events

If you become a sought-after authority in your industry through blogging, you may start to receive invitations for interviews and speaking engagements.

After you’ve increased your public speaking skills and people start seeing you as a great presenter, you can begin making money from talks.

A surefire way to get noticed by the organizers of events you want to speak at is to blog for them. Not only will this show off your expertise, but it’ll also help you reach a new audience. 

6. Subscribers Only Content

Audiences are increasingly willing to pay for high-quality content, whether it be through platforms like Patreon or Substack, or by subscribing to channels like Medium.

Now, content creators can offer unique, specialized content to their most dedicated fans for a price. For bloggers, it’s generally similar to having gated content like what the New York Times has. Free readers would have access to your content, while paid subscribers would get more in-depth and advanced content.

7. Repurposing Content

You can earn more money from your blog content by using it in other formats: repurposing.

For example, If you add videos to your most popular blog posts, you will not only be enhancing the experience for your website visitors but also creating new content for your YouTube channel.

Once you garner a large enough following, you could make money from advertisements on your YouTube videos through the YouTube Partner Program. Revenue is generated when video viewers watch long ads or click on popup banners.

Patrons who want you to discuss their product during one of your videos is another potential outcome.

Therefore, rather than relying on a YouTube-generated sponsored ad, you would include an unpaid plug for the product in your regular video content.

You could generate income from your blog by recording podcast episodes from your existing blog content. By gathering a loyal following for your podcast, you open up the possibility of receiving sponsorships for each episode.

PAA (People Also Ask)

Q: Is blogging a good way to make money?

Blogging is still one of the surest ways to make money through various sources such as advertising, sponsors, affiliate marketing, digital products, online services and more.

Successful YouTube or TikTok creators realize belatedly that they need their own sales platform. And this sales platform learns that with a blog, it will generate more solid profits.

Instagram has a shopping cart feature, but you have to pay a fee. Additionally, most business models are promoted for physical products that require inventory management, shipping, and customer service. However, blogs exist as websites on the Internet like real estate. This means you can take full ownership of your website. Rather, you can earn commissions through affiliate marketing.

Blogging of a website is a major source of organic traffic without cost. Blogs are also omnichannel, driving all traffic from all other social media to one final destination and ultimately monetization.

Q: How many views do you need to make money on your blog?

You don’t have to achieve a certain level of views before you can start making money from your blog. Even if you get minimal visits, there are still means for monetizing, such as promoting affiliate products, your services, and dropshipping products, which will generate income. So no matter the amount of traffic on your page.

Q: What types of blogs generate the most revenue?

Q: How much money can you make from blogging?

Indeed.com says the average blogger makes about $37,073 in a year.

The blog’s traffic greatly influences the level of compensation. By garnering more views, bloggers can benefit from higher income through ad revenue – the primary financial gain for content creators.


Blogging has proven to be an effective platform for many bloggers to make money online. Keep in mind there are several ways to make money through blogging. The goal isn’t to throw all of your efforts into one method but to experiment to see which channels drive the most income with the least effort.