Content At Scale Review 2023: Best AI Writing Software for Long-Form Content

In today’s competitive content landscape, having reliable and efficient AI writing tools is essential for marketers and bloggers aiming to generate high-quality long-form content.

Content At Scale has emerged as a game-changer in this arena, offering impressive features that can fuel your growth in 2023.

In this Content At Scale review, we will dive into our comprehensive overview to discover how this revolutionary software can transform your workflow, and how much higher quality articles can be produced while significantly saving time and resources.

Content-at-Scale-Main Content At Scale

What is Content At Scale?

The exceptional content automation system of Content At Scale works by analyzing successful content (based on current rankings for target keywords) and generating fresh, unique content inspired by it.

Content At Scale stands out for its simple workflow and top-notch long-form SEO content production. Unlike other AI writing tools that rely solely on proprietary machine learning models and Generative Pre-Trained Transformers (GPT-3),

GPT-3 is a language model utilizing deep learning to generate human-like text. When provided with a text prompt, the AI software continues the text in a similar manner.

On the other hand, Content At Scale takes a different approach, integrating three distinct AI engines (including GPT-3) and two natural language processing and semantic analysis algorithms to create long-form SEO content.

Using just a single longtail keyword, the software generates a 1,500-word article—complete with title, main content, meta description, content brief checklist, and more—in under five minutes.

How does Content At Scale Work?

Upon initiating a writing project on Content At Scale, the application will prompt you to input a target keyword, select your desired word count, and specify how you want the AI to compose your blog post.

Scale-At-Content-1 Content At Scale
Source: Content at Scale

Click the Customize button to view the blog post outline that the AI has generated for you based on your keyword. If you are not satisfied with the order, you can rearrange sections or even add a custom header by clicking the + icon.

Scale-At-Content-2 Content At Scale
Source: Content at Scale

If everything appears satisfactory, you can click Create Content Now, and the AI will begin drafting your first draft.

This particular step in the content writing process, which often takes hours when completed manually, can be accomplished by you in just a few minutes!

Once your article is ready, you can proceed to the final step: editing and optimizing. Although the first draft is nearly ready for publication, you can make adjustments to any elements of your content, including the title, meta description, body copy, and images, in case the AI missed anything or if you wish to add a personal touch to your blog posts.

Scale-At-Content-3 Content At Scale
Source: Content at Scale

Additionally, you will receive an optimization guide displaying related keywords, their frequency of usage, and the ideal number of appearances for a healthy Google ranking. Green indicates good, yellow suggests room for improvement, and orange signifies poor performance.

Scale-At-Content-4 Content At Scale
Source: Content at Scale

Another application feature that can significantly reduce your workload is the SEO checklist, which presents all the elements needed to enhance your page’s SEO score. By locating the red x marks, you can determine which areas require further attention and make the necessary changes.

Scale-At-Content-5 Content At Scale
Source: Content at Scale

After giving your article a final review, you can select Publish from the status dropdown, and your article will automatically go live on WordPress. The entire process, from creating a blog outline to publishing, can take you approximately two hours.

Having generated several blog posts with AI, you will likely be astounded by the speed and quality of Content at Scale. You can manage to reduce your campaign creation time by an impressive 80%, while also lowering costs due to the decreased need for manpower.

Who is Content At Scale Made For?

Content At Scale is an ideal solution for anyone seeking to produce long-form SEO content in large quantities.

As the quantity of content increases, so does the number of ranking keywords, making it a valuable asset for creators looking to scale up their content output.

The platform offers something for everyone, particularly those looking to increase their content production.

Here are some examples of how this powerful platform can help:

Beginners: Unlike other AI providers that can only create content in small sections and require a steep learning curve, Content At Scale is straightforward. By inputting a longtail keyword and clicking “Create Content Now,” you can generate content with ease.

Bloggers: Content At Scale enables bloggers to produce a consistent stream of content without the stress of researching, writing, editing, and publishing SEO-friendly content.

Content Marketing Freelance Writers: Freelancers struggling to take on more clients due to slow SEO content production can benefit from this AI tool for content creation. With Content At Scale, they can produce more content quickly and meet client deadlines.

Affiliate SEOs: Content At Scale can be very helpful for affiliate SEOs who run content sites and need to produce content quickly and efficiently. The tool can generate hundreds of articles at the same time. It takes traditional copywriters to produce just one or two. The keyword-rich content is useful for affiliate SEOs who are trying to optimize their site for search engines.

Startups: Hiring teams of writers and editors is no longer necessary when using this powerful AI writing tool. It’s an affordable option that provides a high return on investment, meeting all your content needs in-house.

Growing Businesses: Content At Scale was designed to help businesses scale up their content production. Even experienced content creators can quickly increase their output by using this platform to create an article for each of their keywords.

Agencies: By using this product, agencies can significantly improve their SEO content production, effortlessly generating more traffic for their clients. It’s an excellent tool for multiplying your content output by 10x.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Content At Scale?

Using Content At Scale comes with several benefits, including long-form SEO content creation, user-friendliness, customization options, integration with other marketing tools, plagiarism scan, AI detector, boosted productivity in terms of time and money spent on content creation, and the ability to scale up content production.

SEO Optimized Content

Content At Scale not only generates long-form SEO content in a matter of minutes but also ensures that the quality is optimized for search engines. The platform uses sophisticated algorithms such as semantic analysis and target keyword identification to create SEO-optimized content that ranks high on Google’s search pages.

Ease Of Use

Content at Scale has a user-friendly user interface that makes it incredibly easy to use. The platform is designed with simplicity in mind, so even if you’re not tech-savvy, you can easily navigate the software and create long-form content without any difficulties. Content At Scale’s customizable features allows users to adjust their involvement level in creating content.

User-Friendly Experience & Customization Options

One advantage of using Content At Scale is its user-friendly experience and customization options. The platform offers a simple, intuitive interface that makes it easy for users to create compelling long-form content with minimal effort.

It also provides other customization options such as target keywords and plagiarism detection settings. This allows you to optimize your articles for specific search queries while ensuring originality in your work.

With a highly customizable text editor, you can tailor the tool according to your preferences – font size, spacing, line height – as well as integrate media files such as images and custom audio.

Integration With Other Marketing Tools

One of the key benefits of using Content At Scale is its integration with other marketing tools.

Users can streamline their content creation process and maximize their reach without having to jump between multiple services or software programs.

For example, you can use Content At Scale to generate long-form articles optimized for specific keywords and then seamlessly post them on your website, social media pages, or even as scripts for YouTube videos.

By integrating with plagiarism detection software like CopyScape, Content At Scale ensures that the generated content is unique and original – worth posting out there.

Plagiarism Detection

Content At Scale offers a plagiarism detection feature that helps users ensure their content is unique and original. The platform integrates with Copyscape, a popular plagiarism detection tool, allowing users to run a check on the AI-generated content before publishing it online.

This feature saves time and ensures that search engines do not penalize the content for being duplicative or plagiarized.

In addition to Copyscape integration, Content At Scale’s proprietary algorithms also detect instances of unintentional self-plagiarism or passing off someone else’s work as your own which bypasses standard AI detectors.

AI Detector

One of the standout features of Content At Scale is its AI detector, which ensures that content produced by the platform bypasses AI detection. This means that using the tool can result in higher rankings and increased traffic to your website as search engines are more likely to recognize unique and high-quality content.

The AI detector accomplishes this by analyzing various metrics such as word choice, syntax, and sentence structure. Additionally, it scans for plagiarism and ensures compliance with copyright laws while maintaining a level of human-like writing quality.

Boosting Productivity: Money & Time

One of the top benefits of using Content at Scale is its ability to boost productivity for content creation. By using AI-powered software, businesses can create high-quality long-form content in a fraction of the time it would take human writers.

For example, imagine a company that needs to create regular blog posts, case studies, and videos for their website. With Content At Scale, they could easily generate multiple pieces of unique and SEO-optimized content quickly and efficiently.

Not only does this streamline their workflow and reduce labor costs, but it also allows them to scale up their content production without sacrificing quality or consistency.

Scale Up Content Production

Content At Scale is an AI writing tool designed to help businesses scale up their content production quickly and efficiently. The platform’s natural language processing and semantic analysis algorithms can generate long-form SEO-optimized articles in just a few minutes.

This means that you can create a complex mix of quality content on multiple topics in no time without compromising the uniqueness or quality of your copy. Whether you’re running a blog, e-commerce site, or media company looking to increase your content production, Content At Scale has got you covered.

By utilizing AI and Microsoft Azure’s advanced infrastructure for generating high-quality content, creating more long-form articles will be less daunting than before.

What are the Key Features of Content At Scale?

Content At Scale has several key features, making it a go-to AI writing tool for generating high-quality long-form content.

Here are some of the top features:

Bulk Keyword Imports:

Content At Scale allows you to quickly import a large number of relevant keywords for your content, saving you time and increasing the efficiency of your keyword research.

Creates the Meta Description and URL Slug for You:

It automatically generates an SEO-friendly meta description and URL slug, ensuring that your content is optimized for search engines without any additional effort on your part.

WordPress Plugin for Quick Publishing:

With our dedicated WordPress plugin, publishing your content to your website has never been easier or faster. No need to switch between different platforms – everything can be done right from within WordPress.

Content Brief Checklist:

Our built-in content brief checklist ensures that every piece of content you create meets all necessary requirements and guidelines, helping improve its quality as well as its chances of ranking highly in search results.

Smart Projects Settings Page:

The product’s smart projects settings page lets you easily manage multiple projects. This streamlined approach saves time while keeping things organized so nothing falls through the cracks.

Content Optimization Tools:

With advanced optimization tools such as sentiment analysis, readability checks, and topic relevance scoring built into Content at Scale, creating high-quality SEO-focused content has never been easier or more effective.

Three AI Engines:

By leveraging three powerful AI engines – natural language processing (NLP), machine learning (ML), and neural network – we provide cutting-edge insights into optimizing your content according to the latest trends and algorithms.

Automatic External and Internal Links:

With automatic external and internal linking

Natural Language Processing (NLP):

With NLP, the software can understand and interpret human language, resulting in more accurate and human-like content.

Semantic Analysis Algorithms:

Content At Scale uses advanced algorithms to ensure that the generated content is relevant to the targeted keyword, resulting in higher SEO scores.

User-Friendly Interface:

The software has a clean and easy-to-use interface, making it accessible to users of all levels without extensive training or technical knowledge required.

Custom Audio File:

Users can add custom audio files to their content, providing an additional layer of customization and creativity.

Plagiarism Detection:

Content At Scale comes with built-in plagiarism detection capabilities that scan the internet for duplicate content, ensuring your work is unique and original.

AI Detector:

The tool includes an “AI Detector” feature designed to bypass AI-generated content detection filters used by search engines to rank websites based on quality.

Done-For-You Service

If you don’t have the time to manage everything yourself, or if you need a large number of articles, you can opt for the Done-For-You (DFY) service.

For $2,000/month, you’ll receive 20 optimized posts every month. The platform’s editors take care of everything, from keyword research to post editing, images, SEO optimization, and content scheduling on your blog.

This hassle-free service is available on a month-to-month basis, which means you can cancel it anytime. With this service, you can publish content daily without any of the usually associated stress.

What are the Pros and Cons of Content At Scale?

Content At Scale, like any other AI service, has its own advantages and drawbacks.


  • Single-Click Output: With, you can generate a complete and fully optimized article with just one click, without any learning curve.
  • Volume Output: The platform allows you to upload bulk keywords, and content can be created for all of those keywords in just minutes, which is a significant advantage for production and scalability.
  • High-Quality Articles: After reviewing many different AI content writing tools, the platform provides the highest quality content.
  • User-Friendly Interface: All the necessary tools to create and edit content can be found on the dashboard.
  • Google Docs-Style Editor: If you have used Google Docs before, you will find this editor extremely easy to use.
  • Bulk Content Creation: The platform offers a bulk upload of keywords, enabling you to achieve mass content scaling easily.
  • Whitelabel: You can set up the entire operation on your subdomain, and the platform’s API enables you to embed content within your application.


  • High-Priced Entry-Level Plan: The price point is a significant disadvantage to, as smaller publishers may not be able to afford this excellent product.
  • No Short-Form Content: Currently, the platform does not provide short-form content options, and only articles that are around 1,500 words long can be generated.
  • Small Bugs in Beta: As the tool is still in beta, some minor bugs and interface issues may need to be ironed out.


Content At Scale offers a higher-priced pricing model for a good reason. This AI writing tool can generate complete blog posts with just one click, making it well worth the investment.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the pricing plans:

  • Starter: $500 per month for 20 posts
  • Scaling: $1,000 per month for 50 posts
  • Agency: $1,500 per month for 100 posts

Content At Scale Alternatives

Jasper AI

Jasper AI is another AI content creator that focuses on SEO. One of the key differences between Jasper AI and is that Jasper AI offers both short and long-form content creation.

Jasper AI offers competitive pricing, with plans starting at $49, or approximately $0.12 per word for an article. Like, Jasper AI includes a plagiarism checker to ensure all content is completely unique.

The platform offers over 50 templates to help users create content quickly and efficiently. However, Jasper AI requires more editing than Content At Scale, and users must rewrite some content sections to avoid redundancy. is a versatile tool that helps you achieve better results in a shorter time span. In addition to creating blog content, it can also assist you in generating various types of engaging content, such as email copy, social media posts, digital ad copy, and more.

However, this flexibility comes with a cost. In contrast to Content At Scale, this platform requires more prompts, commands, and a considerable amount of editing.

Content At Scale – Starter: $500/month
– Scaling: $1,000/month
– Agency: $1,500/month
– Managed content service
– AI-generated long-form content
– Complex mix of AI engines
– Semantic analysis algorithms
– Semantic analysis
– SEO-optimized content
– WordPress compatibility
Various pricing plans to fit needsHigher-priced entry-level plan
Jasper.aiStarter Mode: $29-$399/mo
Boss Mode: $59-$600/mo
Enterprise: Custom pricing
-Google Docs-style editor
-Compose and Command
SEO mode
-Plagiarism checker
-Revision history
-Jasper Certification
Comprehensive AI writing suiteHigher-priced plans– FREE PLAN: $0/month
– PRO PLAN: $35/month
– TEAM PLAN: Custom price
– AIDA and PAS frameworks
– Suitable for e-commerce
– 7-day free trial
– Dedicated Facebook community
Affordable pricingMay not support advanced features

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Content At Scale is truly a game-changing piece of software for content creators and marketers alike.

With its ability to produce high-quality long-form content in just minutes, bypass AI detection and provide plagiarism checks, it’s no wonder why it’s rated one of the top best AI writing software for creators and founders.

If you’re looking for a tool that can help you scale up your content production without sacrificing quality or uniqueness while also saving time and resources, then we highly recommend getting Content At Scale.

And if you want an even simpler solution that takes care of everything from keyword research to daily publishing schedule, choose our second recommended product – Content At Scale Pro.

You can start producing high-quality SEO-optimized long-form articles today using Content At Scale, or get the complete package with Content At Scale Pro.

PAA (People Also Ask)

1. How do AI writing tools work?

AI writing tools use natural language processing algorithms to analyze data related to the topic at hand and generate text based on that analysis. This can save writers time while still delivering high-quality content that’s optimized for search engines.

2 Can AI writing software replace human writers?

While AI-generated text may be used as a starting point or even as inspiration for human writers, it cannot fully replace creative input from humans who bring personality and flair to their pieces. Additionally, editing and fact-checking are areas in which humans excel over machines.

3. What should I look out for when selecting an AI writing tool?

When choosing an AI-powered tool for your business, you should consider factors such as ease of use, ability to integrate with other platforms or services, pricing models (such as subscription plans), level of customer support offered by the vendor, and how well-suited the platform is for your specific industry or niche needs.

Is content at scale free?

The cost of content creation can fluctuate significantly based on the specific requirements of the content. Prices typically range from $0.01 to $0.08 per word, depending on the complexity and quality desired.

Is content at scale worth it?

My overall experience was exceptional, particularly when considering the scope of the platform. I greatly appreciated the simplicity and adaptability provided by the AI scripts and text editors. The Content-as-a-Service (CaS) platform evoked fond memories of a beloved feature in Frase (as mentioned in reviews) that seamlessly integrates Search Engine Optimization (SEO) with Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) within a blog post.

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