7+ Best AI SEO Tools Boosting Your SEO Performance in 2023

AI SEO (Artificial Intelligence Search Engine Optimization) has become increasingly important to digital marketers around the world.

It is a novel approach to the best AI SEO tools that utilize powerful technologies such as machine learning and natural language processing to provide businesses with an effective and organized way of creating content for their websites or applications.

AI-powered tools can help identify popular keywords, optimize website content, and enhance ranking in search engines – all critical components when it comes to successful marketing campaigns.

In this blog post, we will explore the best AI SEO tools and discuss how you can have better control over your SEO efforts efficiently in today’s digital landscape.

So let’s get to it!

My Top Picks for the Best AI SEO Software

1. Surfer SEO: Best On-Page SEO Software

2. Jasper.ai: Best AI Writing SEO Software

3. SemRush: Overall Best SEO Software

What are the Best AI SEO Tools?

1. SemRush

Overall Best SEO Tool

One of the best AI SEO tools: Semrush

Semrush is a comprehensive search engine and marketing tool.

It offers search engine optimization, advertising, content marketing, and social media monitoring features.

Its SEO toolkit is particularly robust, providing valuable features and detailed information.

With Semrush, you can evaluate your pages’ visibility and discover ways to enhance them using the Traffic Analytics tool.

Best AI SEO Tools: Semrush Traffic Analytics
Best SEO Tools: Semrush Traffic Analytics

Enter your domain name in the provided space and click on Search. This Google ranking software will display monthly visits and helpful data about visitor journeys.

You can also use Semrush to compare your website with competitors. To do this, click on Organic Research from the tools panel, input your domain name in the search bar at the top, and click on Search. The report will display a list of your competitors.

Best SEO Tools: Semrush Organic Research
Best SEO Tools: Semrush Organic Research

Once you’ve identified your competitors, select Analyse in Bulk and input the main competitors along with your domain. You can compare all the sites and see how they generate traffic.

Best SEO Tools: Semrush Organic Research

Best SEO Tools: Semrush Competitors Analysis

Best AI SEO Tool: Semrush overview

This tool offers valuable insights for enhancing your SEO. The SEO Dashboard, which draws website information from Google Search Console and Google Analytics data, provides similar details.

Best SEO Tools: Semrush SEO Dashboard

Best SEO Tools: Semrush SEO Dashboard

To identify errors affecting your website, go to the projects section and launch the Site Audit.

This feature scans your website, checking over 120 parameters. In the end, it displays all errors, notices, and warnings you should address.

Best SEO Tools: Semrush Site Audit

Best SEO Tools: Semrush Site Audit

This feature also shows the specific pages with issues, the type of error, and how to fix it.

Key Features

  • One of the largest backlink indexes available, helping you strengthen and improve your site.
  • The Keyword Gap tool for discovering the next keywords to target, and the Backlink Gap tool for backlinks.
  • Best SEO Tools: Semrush Keyword Gap
  • Powerful content marketing, creation, optimization, and strategy tools.
Best SEO Tools: Semrush Keyword Gap


Semrush offers three pricing tiers. The Pro plan, suitable for small teams and beginners, is available for $99.95/month, while the Guru plan, designed for agencies, costs $191.62/month. There is also a $374.75/month Business plan for large enterprises.

Best SEO Tools: Semrush Pricing

2. Surfer SEO

Best On-Page SEO Tool

Best SEO Tools: Surfer SEO Main Page

Surfer SEO performs its SEO tasks by auditing the site and providing users the fixable gaps in your content strategy to enhance its SEO rankings.

The Outline Builder generates briefs in seconds, while its sophisticated Keyword Research functionality helps identify optimal target keywords for your content.

I have been utilizing their research tool to create keyword clusters and devise my content plan.

Best SEO Tools: Surfer SEO Outline Builder
Surfer SEO Keyword Cluster Map

Surfer SEO keyword clustering map

Best SEO Tools: Surfer SEO Content Editor
Surfer SEO Content Editor

Its integrated Content Editor facilitates quick article writing and optimization on WordPress, Google Chrome, and Google Docs.

The Content Scoring feature guides writers in producing engaging, informative, and well-optimized content.

The most stunning feature of this tool is that it provides NLP (Natural Language Processing) suggestions and recommendations, helping you fine-tune your content.

The NLP-based algorithms at Google interpret your text’s meaning, structure, and sentiment.

Evaluating your content’s relevance to your niche influences your search engine rankings.

Surfer SEO employs Natural Language Processing (NLP) to identify the key terms and phrases connected to your primary keyword. By following NLP-guided recommendations, you’ll understand which words to use, their placement, and their frequency to signal Google that your content is pertinent to the intended search query.

With its various website optimization features, you can monitor the progress of multiple websites and make necessary adjustments to ensure proper content optimization.

Plus, Surfer SEO incorporates built-in plagiarism checkers that verify your content’s originality and offers integrations with popular platforms like Jasper, Semrush, WordPress, and Google Docs. You can also invite multiple team members to collaborate on projects.

I have observed that many online content pieces fail plagiarism or AI detectors due to an inadequate understanding of how to edit AI-generated output. Surfer’s plagiarism checker will undoubtedly help automate the correction of SEO errors.

Surfer-Seo-Plagiarism-1 best ai SEO tools
Serfer-Seo-Plagiarism-3 best ai SEO tools

Additionally, its SERP Analysis offers in-depth insights into the competition, enabling you to assess your content’s performance compared to other websites.

Best SEO Tools: Surfer SEO Serp Analyzer

Surfer SEO is an all-encompassing and robust AI-powered SEO tool that enhances your website’s rankings and visibility. Its advanced features make it ideal for professionals seeking to automate their SEO strategies. It has become one of my top affiliate marketing tools, and I highly recommend it.

Key Features

  • Quickly and accurately generate briefs with Outline Builder
  • Optimize content in multiple languages
  • Advanced keyword research feature for identifying the best keywords
  • Content Scoring feature to guide writers in content optimization
  • SERP Analysis to evaluate content performance against other websites
  • NLP suggestions with keyword density for SEO content creation
  • Site Audit feature
  • Grow Flow generates topic clusters based on user intent
  • Built-in plagiarism checkers to ensure content authenticity
  • Integrations with popular platforms like Jasper, Semrush, WordPress, and Google Docs
  • Invite multiple team members to collaborate on projects
  • Domain Planner tracks position history
  • View monthly search volume and keyword difficulty for keyword clusters


Surfer SEO’s pricing may be on the higher side, but the features offered are well worth the cost.

The Basic Plan permits up to 10 articles for $59/month.

Write and optimize 30 articles with the Pro Plan for $119/month.

For $259/month, the Business Plan allows up to 70 articles.

Best SEO Tools: Surfer SEO Pricing

3. Ahrefs

Best Keyword Research SEO Tool

Best AI SEO Tool: Ahrefs main page

Ahrefs is undeniably a top-tier SEO tool, excelling in every aspect.

It has gained immense popularity among SEO professionals due to its extensive features, potent crawler, and up-to-date data. This is not surprising, given that Ahrefs’ data originates from 10 search engines and over 200 countries.

Ahrefs also distinguishes itself with seamless data visualization, facilitating the discovery of relevant details.

Its keyword explorer functions similarly to most keyword research tools but provides additional information to simplify your search engine research and optimization. Just enter the keyword, and Ahrefs works its magic.

Best SEO Tools: Ahrefs overview

Best SEO Tools: Ahrefs Overview

For example, you can view keyword difficulty, search volume, number of clicks, cost per click, traffic potential, volume by country, and more. Ahrefs also offers numerous keyword suggestions based on terms, related questions, related searches, and more.

Best SEO Tools: Ahrefs keyword ideas

Best SEO Tools: Ahrefs Keyword Ideas

Scrolling down the report, you’ll find a list of top competitors, allowing you to analyze their backlinks, traffic, and keyword information.

Regarding website-based optimization, Ahrefs offers a wealth of features, as demonstrated below.

Key Features

  • Comprehensive website information, including backlinks, referring domains, organic keywords, paid traffic, and more. You can also use the same tool to understand how your competitors are achieving higher rankings.
Best SEO Tools: Ahrefs Backlinks

Best SEO Tools: Ahrefs Backlinks

  • The Content Gap tool helps identify overlooked keywords that drive clicks for your competitors.
  • Best SEO Tools: Ahrefs Content Gap
Best SEO Tools: Ahrefs content gap
  • Free SEO and keyword research tools. Ahrefs has expanded its collection of free tools, now featuring SERP and link checkers. It also offers research tools like Bing Keyword Tools, which function similarly to Bing Webmaster Tools.
  • Best SEO Tools: Ahrefs Free Keyword Generator
Best SEO Tools: Ahrefs free backlink checker


I appreciate that Ahrefs continually adds to its list of free tools. To access more features, pricing starts at $99/month. As you grow, you can explore additional plans.

Best SEO Tools: Ahrefs Pricing

4. Google Search Console

Best Free SEO Tool

Best free SEO tool: Google Search Console main page

Google Search Console is a complimentary tool offered by Google that assists websites in appearing on Google, optimizing them for the search engine, and monitoring their performance.

This valuable resource provides insights such as top-ranking pages, click-through rates, impressions, backlinks, inbound links, page indexation, errors, mobile usability, and how Google perceives your page, among others.

To begin using the Google Search Console account, enter your domain link in the designated space and verify your ownership.

Best SEO Tools: Google Search Console Domain Registration Various verification methods are available, with the simplest involving the use of HTML code or a file from your website. Then, select a target country.

An excellent starting point is to assess your site for potential issues. Navigate to the Security Issues section from the menu. This feature conducts a site audit and informs you of any detected problems.

To uncover additional information about your website, proceed to the Performance menu and utilize the tabs according to your preferences.

Best SEO Tools: Google Search Console Site Performance Here, you can explore metrics such as click and impression counts, average position, average CTR, page traffic, queries by country, and much more.

Key Features

  • Connect Google Search Console to Google Analytics to obtain keyword data. Access this by logging into Google Analytics, clicking the Admin menu, and selecting Property Settings.
  • Adding a sitemap facilitates crawling for large sites for Google, and Google Search Console can assist in this process.
  • Evaluate your website’s performance on mobile devices using the Mobile Usability report.

5. RankMath

Best Technical SEO Tool

Best AI SEO tool: RankMath main page

RankMath is an all-in-one SEO WordPress plugin.

It conveniently resides on the right side of the posting page, eliminating the need to navigate to other websites since it is a plugin, not a platform or app. While you are working on the posting, you can check out all the factors of SEO rankings.

One of its numerous features, configuring schema, sitemap, rich snippets, and robot.txt files for indexing without requiring any special coding skills, is the key AI SEO feature.

Enhanced structured data configuration incorporating structured data into your content allows search engines to interpret better and comprehend it.

The concept of schema might seem daunting at first.

Nonetheless, RankMath offers a feature that integrates schema as a default when modifying pages on WordPress.

By selecting the ‘schema generator’ in the right-hand toolbar, you can pick from a variety of schema types and input the necessary details. It’s as simple as that!

Best AI SEO tool: RankMath schema generator

Rich Snippets Integration As rich snippets gain prominence throughout the SERP, Rank Math empowers you to incorporate rich snippets data without having to install extra plugins.

You don’t need to be an expert in the schema to use this feature; simply choose from a dropdown menu to locate the schema that corresponds to the snippet type you need.

Key Features

Optimize unlimited keywords (free) – RankMath allows you to optimize unlimited keywords. Add your focus keywords and optimize your content with Rank Math’s smart analysis feature.

Content AI (free) – RankMath’s powerful feature offers intelligent suggestions for enhancing and optimizing your content.

Rank tracking (premium) – Track keywords to understand your site’s performance and monitor changes in SERP positions.

URL inspection API integration (free but limited) – Stay updated on indexed URLs and identify issues with flagged URLs that require changes.

Google Search Console integration (free) – Use RankMath’s built-in rank-tracking feature to monitor your keyword performance.

Google Analytics dashboard (premium) – Integrate your GA dashboard for a comprehensive view of site performance, from content optimization to search performance and tracking metrics.

Meta robots, title tags, meta descriptions, and structured data control (free) – Save time by reviewing and editing these elements using a CSV file.

WooCommerce integration (premium) – Ideal for e-commerce sites, RankMath automatically converts existing product information into the schema-ready format.

Local SEO features (premium) – Provide your business information in 34 fields to ensure optimal local SEO optimization.

Google trends integration (premium) – Stay informed about changing trends and better target keywords.

Rich snippets support, advanced structured data setup, and custom structured data builder (basic schema is free) – Rank Math makes schema simple with its custom builder. Choose the content type, fill in the fields, and ensure your content has the right structured data for the SERP.

Internal linking suggestions (free) – Use RankMath’s smart suggestions to determine which areas of your site to link within your content.


Best AI SEO tool: RankMath pricing

6. Jasper.ai

Best AI Writing SEO Tool

Jasper-Main-2 best ai SEO tools

Jasper. ai (formerly known as Jarvis. ai) is one of the best AI writing tools. Its sophisticated content generation leverages artificial intelligence to assist users in crafting superior, extended pieces of content.

It enables the creation of content optimized for both SEO and conversions, thereby increasing website traffic and lead generation. The software is particularly adept at supporting long-form content.

For those seeking to enhance their writing skills while simultaneously driving more traffic and generating leads, Jasper AI is certainly a worthwhile option to consider.

The primary feature of Jasper.ai is its Boss Mode plan, which offers users AI-generated content optimized for SEO and includes access to a long-form editor.

This plan is particularly useful for individuals seeking to enhance their writing abilities and boost website traffic and lead generation.

Key Features

  • Integration with Surfer SEO for crafting SEO-optimized content
  • Built-in Grammarly support within the document editor
  • Access to power mode features
  • Creation of books and blog posts
  • Various sales copy templates
  • Comprehensive YouTube script and description writing
  • Organizational tools, such as folders and projects
  • Translation capabilities for up to 25 languages
  • Access to recipe templates
  • Product description writing
  • 3,000-character lookback feature
  • Sales frameworks, including AIDA & PAS
  • Google Ads templates
  • Blogging-specific templates

As evident from the extensive features offered by Jasper.ai’s Boss Mode plan, it is an invaluable resource for anyone looking to create long-form content.

This AI-powered tool is ideal for bloggers, digital marketing agencies, content writers, and social media managers.

This tool is ideal for individuals seeking assistance with the writing process and the creation of long-form content. Personally, I use this software for all my blog content, focusing on ranking in search engines.

By integrating with Surfer SEO, I can target relevant keywords, and the AI-powered software assists in crafting SEO-optimized content.

This solution has proven to be a significant time saver and has enhanced my writing skills with just a few clicks.


Jasper-ai-pricing-2 best ai SEO tools

7. MOZ

Best for Link Building

Moz-Main best ai SEO tools

Moz stands out as an exceptional comprehensive SEO software.

This all-in-one solution addresses various SEO requirements, encompassing keyword research, rank tracking, link building, site audits, and on-page optimization. Many users appreciate Moz for its additional metrics and user-friendly interface.

The Link Explorer tool provides an excellent opportunity to uncover numerous SEO enhancement possibilities for your website.

Navigate to Link Research from the left panel and input your domain link into the search bar. Specify the link exploration method by selecting the root domain, subdomain, or exact page from the drop-down menu.

Moz-Link-Explorer best ai SEO tools

Best SEO Tools: Moz Link Explorer

The generated report delivers extensive information, including overall authority scores, keywords, inbound links, and more. Gain further insights about keywords using the Keyword Explorer, or apply the same procedure to learn about your top competitors.

Moz Key Features

  • Quick download options for various report components in case external data is required.
  • Best SEO software: Moz Quick Downloads
  • Comparison of your ranking with competitors for any keyword using the Rank Checker tool.
  • Unlike many SEO softwre, Moz displays numerous extra metrics. For example, users can select their preferred search engine for data retrieval (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.).

Moz Pricing

Moz’s pricing begins at $79 for the Standard plan. Other available plans include Medium, Large, and Premium. Subscribing to annual plans provides a 20% discount.

Moz-Pricing best ai SEO tools

What is AI SEO Software?

It stands for “Artificial Intelligence Search Engine Optimization” and uses AI technologies to guide website or web page search engine optimization.

AI SEO software is an automated SEO strategy and intelligent content optimization for search engine ranking, as it uses machine learning algorithms to understand user behavior and deliver better results.

Another way AI SEO software can also help marketers find trending keywords and topics is through machine learning algorithms that identify patterns in customer buying behavior.

AI algorithms used by many major search engines, such as Google, provide users with personalized results based on their past behavioral patterns, location, and other key factors.

This helps companies achieve better rankings as they target larger audiences more effectively than traditional SEO techniques.

What Types of AI tools are there?

Technical SEO AI

Technical SEO emphasizes optimization through technical aspects like schema, crawlers, indexation, sitemaps, server settings, and link management, including redirects, canonical URLs, and internal & external linking.

RankMath, an AI SEO tool, excels in aspects such as schema creation and sitemap generation, which are vital for helping search engines understand page content and find relevant information.

By automating schema construction using schema.org vocabulary, RankMath saves time and guarantees accuracy. Additionally, it streamlines sitemap creation, encompassing URLs, meta-data, page importance, and versions.

Employing an AI SEO tool like RankMath for optimizing technical components can be a game-changer, conserving time and effort while ensuring your website stays up-to-date and easily understood by search engines.

On-Page SEO AI

On-page optimization concentrates on enhancing website elements to elevate its rankings. This includes refining content, improving internal linking, and guiding users to relevant information.

Another critical aspect is ensuring your page loads quickly and responds promptly to user interactions. The stability of elements like images, text, and videos is also crucial to avoid shifting during loading.

High-quality content is a significant factor in on-site optimization. To achieve this, consider elements such as word count, structure, originality, authority, and accuracy.

AI SEO software, like Surfer SEO, can assist by identifying issues and offering optimization suggestions. This software analyze content needs, such as headings, images, or videos, and recommend the best placement for a user-friendly experience.

Keyword Research AI

AI is revolutionizing keyword research in SEO, streamlining the traditionally time-consuming process and reducing the need for extensive data analysis.

Traditionally, identifying the target keyword has been a time-consuming aspect of the SEO process, often requiring extensive spreadsheet work and multiple iterations to analyze relevant data. It can be particularly challenging if you start off on the wrong foot.

Tools like Ahrefs simplify the task by generating related keywords, similar terms, and search suggestions while evaluating factors like rankings, CPC, search traffic, and keyword competition. 

This handy tool allows you to input a seed keyword and then generates related keywords to match your topic, offers similar terms and phrases, and even provides extra search suggestions to help you understand users’ search intent.  

The efficiency and effectiveness of AI in SEO demonstrate its transformative power in making our lives easier and reshaping the SEO landscape.

SEO Content Creation AI

Content quality is super important when it comes to where your page lands on the search results.

ChatGPT-4 and other modern AI tools are here to make your SEO content optimization a breeze by helping you come up with creative ideas for engaging content.

AI writing tools like Jasper.ai can generate outlines, paragraphs, meta titles, descriptions, introductions, and conclusions, creating compelling copy that is more likely to convert. These tools also identify issues with anchor text, keyword choice and placement, content length, user experience, structure, and meta tags.

Now, it’s important to mention that using AI SEO content generators does raise some ethical concerns. For example, figuring out who owns the content can be tricky since AI tools use existing info from the internet to create it.

So, as an SEO writer, always make sure to review and double-check the accuracy of your AI-generated content with AI content detection tools before hitting that “publish” button.

Off-Page SEO AI

Off-page SEO is crucial for generating organic traffic and complements on-site SEO. It focuses on enhancing your website’s credibility and trustworthiness through external factors, such as link-building, social media presence, and influencer marketing.

The objective is to have authoritative sources endorse your content and bolster your site’s reputation. One method is to acquire backlinks from credible websites, which can significantly improve your SEO score. Collaborating with guest bloggers and influencers is also beneficial.

AI SEO tools, typically used for on-site SEO, can be helpful in off-page optimization as well. For instance, SERanking is an AI SEO platform that features a backlink checker to analyze and monitor your backlinks.

SERanking can also send instant alerts if a backlink is lost, assisting you in maintaining your website’s credibility. Additionally, the platform helps automate social media posts, ensuring timely engagement with customers.

SEO Prediction AI

AI SEO software demonstrates exceptional proficiency in generating predictions by analyzing extensive datasets and producing comprehensive reports with clear visualizations. These tools facilitate well-informed decision-making processes.

As previously mentioned, monitoring updates to rank tracking for effective AI SEO optimization is crucial. Tools such as Pave AI, Diib, and hawkeAI offer substantial benefits by providing accurate predictions concerning a website’s ranking, achieved through assessing on-site factors against the most recent search engine algorithms.

These tools can forecast traffic volumes by examining historical patterns across various factors, including daily traffic, target audience purchasing behavior, competitor performance, and topic popularity. This analysis enables users to set and accomplish conversion objectives more efficiently.

How AI SEO Works?

Artificial intelligence SEO software work by using natural language processing (NLP) to analyze website content and look for target keywords that can boost visibility in search engine rankings.

AI SEO software tools can create content briefs, helping marketers quickly identify target keywords and write optimized content customized for what users are searching for.

This optimizes a website’s code and content, improving its performance in organic search results.

AI also helps automate image recognition, which can be used to ensure images are properly labeled with captions and tags so they appear when people search for Google Images.

The power of predictive analytics enables AI-based SEO software to anticipate user searches before they occur through an analysis of current trends as well as past user data, allowing businesses to customize their web pages accordingly.

With this intelligence embedded into the marketing process, companies have greater insight into how their efforts impact overall customer engagement, such as click-through rates or page visits per month.

This allows them to tailor strategies based on customer behavior rather than just guessing their likely preferences from large datasets.

AI can help automate keyword research processes – once something humans had to manually browse through – providing daily updates on searched terms and top competitors at any given moment in real-time accuracy.

Why are AI SEO Tools Important?

AI SEO tools can provide numerous advantages, from improved search engine visibility to a higher quality user experience — making it an essential tool for your website’s success.

Enhanced Search Engine Ranking

AI SEO is invaluable when it comes to improving search engine ranking. AI-driven algorithms can quickly analyze website code, content, and backlinks in order to improve sites’ rankings on SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages).

AI tools and techniques allow marketers to perform detailed page audits, track competitors’ performance, audit your titles and meta descriptions, and optimize keywords for better search results position monitoring by looking at macro trends across a domain’s entire content library.

Moreover, with the help of powerful machine learning algorithms, you can perform real-time optimizations that maximize organic traffic without risking penalties from Google’s ever-evolving algorithm update rules.

Improved User Experience

AI SEO can help improve user experience on websites and optimize key metrics such as website speed. AI algorithms can analyze a user’s device, location information, and search history to serve personalized recommendations that are tailored to the individual.

This helps increase engagement levels with users and boosts click-through rates as a result. AI also impacts analytics, allowing companies to measure their success in terms of traffic, goal conversions, page views, etc., allowing them to assess user behaviors more effectively.

For example, by collecting data from various sources like web servers and APIs, they can detect performance regressions caused by changes in code or content over time quickly – this improved data analysis is invaluable for optimizing UX in real time and keeping visitors engaged with the website’s content.

Wrapping Up

Gone are the days when search engine rankings were left to chance. Although the entire process is not entirely transparent, employing the right search engine optimization techniques can help you stay ahead.

Utilizing these methods may be straightforward, but it requires specialized tools, which is where the top SEO tools come into play. These software solutions analyze web pages, offer recommendations, and track enhancements.

The tools discussed above are ideal for boosting search engine optimization. They address linking issues, research keyword ideas, audit pages, and suggest on-page edits while tracking your ranking. These tools can be invaluable in achieving higher positions.

However, it’s important to remember that SEO techniques alone cannot replace quality content writing. A well-crafted, engaging, and helpful blog post is the foundation of your SEO strategy.

PAA (People Also Ask)

Is there AI for SEO?

The AI SEO tool delivers automated SEO analysis for search results pages, identifies content trends, optimizes SEO content, and creates AI-enhanced content for improved rankings on search engines.

How effective is AI in SEO?

A new algorithm may enhance SEO, but it won’t entirely remove it from the whole SEO landscape. While artificial intelligence holds the potential to automate certain SEO aspects, like keyword research and technical site audits, its application still necessitates human expertise and creative ingenuity.

How to implement AI in SEO?

Content Optimization – employing an AI-powered SEO tool. Develop topic clusters that address users’ queries and boost rankings. Determine the appropriate amount of time to devote to a specific subject. Utilize effective LSI keywords.

Is Jasper AI bad for SEO?

Jasper generates entirely original AI content, ensuring zero plagiarism. This allows your content to gain higher visibility and optimization more quickly than traditional methods.

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