Hotpot ai Review 2023: Is It Truly Free To Use The Image Generator?

Hotpot ai review: the main page image to navigate the image generator and other ai tools

What is is one of the free AI image generators that help you create images stunning digital art, paintings, drawings, graphic design, and logo designs just by description.

The art generator inspires creativity and automates tedious tasks.

Its easy-to-edit templates enable users to effortlessly create device mockups, social media posts, marketing images, app icons, and other work graphics, making it a valuable resource for various creative needs.

The best thing about is that it offers free personal or non-commercial tiers for most of its products.

In this Hotpot ai review, I’ll walk you through the key features of this free AI art generator for versatile purposes.

What Tools Does Provide?

AI Art Generator

Hotpot ai review: AI art that generated by Hotpot ai users

This AI image generator is a tool that uses artificial intelligence to create visually stunning artwork based on the text prompts you provide.

It enables you to transform your thoughts and imagination into impressive art, illustrations, and images in a matter of seconds.

The AI works magic by simply entering a few words and converting your text input into beautiful, creative visuals.

This AI tool allows you to unleash your creativity and express yourself in new and innovative ways.

Hotpost-AI-Art-Generator hotpot ai review

To utilize custom styles not found in our style menu, please follow these steps:

  1. Select “Custom” from the style menu.
  2. Provide clear and specific instructions. For example, instead of simply stating “lily flowers,” specify “Oil painting of water lilies with dynamic brushstrokes and a cheerful color palette.”
  3. If you need assistance, feel free to contact us. Our designers are available to create custom styles at no cost.

Here are some examples of custom styles you may request:

  • An oil painting of water lilies with dynamic brushstrokes and a joyful color palette.
  • An underwater explosion with eye-catching colors.
  • Happy raindrops in the style inspired by Vincent Van Gogh’s “Starry Night.”

AI Headshot Generator

Hotpot ai review: AI generated headshot for creative profile photo to use on social media like FaceBook, Instagram, Discord, and LinkedIn.

Generate AI headshots, AI selfies, professional photographs, and glamour shots of yourself in a variety of styles and settings are possible with

Ideal for social media profiles, dating apps, LinkedIn accounts, or simply for experiencing a fresh perspective of yourself.

This headshot generator boasts a diverse range of styles to suit your preferences.

Here is a brief example of the variety available. AI headshot generator various style of example.

If you’re not completely satisfied, will either retrain your AI or provide a refund to ensure your happiness. AI headshot generator's usage.
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AI Photo Upscaler

Hotpot ai review about AI image Upscaler

Enhance your photos, AI-generated art, game assets, and various graphics with remarkable precision and quality.

The state-of-the-art photo more upscale employs artificial intelligence to boost image resolution in mere seconds, specifically optimizing for human subjects, products, and artistic creations.

Drawing on cutting-edge research breakthroughs, its technology magnifies images while preserving their integrity and preventing any degradation in quality.

AI Object Remover AI object remover.

Effortlessly remove unwanted elements from your images, such as people, stray hairs, animals, or any other undesired components.

This AI-powered object remover works swiftly and simplifies the process of tidying up selfies, portraits, holiday snapshots, and various other types of photographs.

Users can experience a cleaner, more visually appealing result with just a few clicks.

AI Background Remover AI background remover.

Hotpot offers a quick and easy solution for background removal using AI.

This AI software recognizes products and people, automatically erasing the background in seconds.

Automating this process allows e-commerce companies and marketing agencies to simplify workflow and focus on more important tasks.

AI Art Personalized AI personalized art.

Personalizable AI technology allows you to transform your photos into personalized masterpieces using a range of artistic styles.

Whether you prefer Van Gogh’s brushstrokes, playful pixel art, or the intricate beauty of Chinese paintings, its system can generate tailor-made artwork that captures your unique artistic style.

With advanced AI technology, your photos are transformed into breathtaking works of art.

AI Picture Colorized AI picture colorized.

AI picture colorized is one of the great tools of to give life to old black-and-white photos in full color.

This sophisticated AI software can accurately predict the colors of people and objects within black-and-white photographs.

However, it is essential to note that, as with any prediction-based technology, there may be occasional inaccuracies or biases. For example, the AI might colorize a shirt blue when, in reality, it is red.

AI Picture Restorer AI picture restorer.

The Hotpot AI photo restoration tool can produce personalized artistic compositions spanning styles from Van Gogh and pixel art to traditional Chinese paintings. 

Besides, the Hotpot AI photo restoration tool employs state-of-the-art technology to automatically eliminate scratches, enhance colors, and refine facial details within deteriorated images, thereby metamorphosing them into cherished memories.

You can rediscover the beauty of old photos with Hotpot’s AI-powered restoration service.

Whether it’s a color or black & white image, this service will revive your old pictures with stunning results.

AI Face Enhancer AI face enhancer.

You can enhance your images with the latest AI technology that corrects damaged faces.

The enhancer repairs flaws such as hazy colors, unnatural eyes, blurriness, scratches, and asymmetrical features, producing more natural-looking images that truly capture the essence of the face.

AI Color Generator AI color generator.

This AI-powered color generator is designed to inspire you with a wide range of palettes, gradients, backgrounds, and text options.

Utilize these color schemes to generate stunning art and images by inputting them into our AI Art Generator.

With this AI tool, you can unleash your creativity and create visual content that surpasses your expectations.


The pricing plan of stands out from other popular AI tools as it is unique and may be difficult to understand. While some platforms offer free usage, others require signup and credit purchase.

Final Thoughts is a suitable platform for novice graphic designers and social media marketers.

It offers a viable option for small businesses with limited budgets to explore and assess if it meets their needs.

After using the platform for a considerable period, I should acknowledge that there is still room for further enhancements and additional features.

In terms of service fees, I point out that the pricing structure of is unconventional, which may lead to confusion for some users.

PAA (People Also Ask)

Is Hotpot AI free to use?

Some tools provide their features and functionalities for free. However, certain tools necessitate registration and the purchase of credits to unlock their full range of services.

Is Hotpot AI safe?

Hotpot utilizes Stripe payment software as well. Stripe is one of the largest payment platforms in the market. Lyft, Shopify, Target, Salesforce, and many others use it as a payment method on their platform. Stripe has millions of users and is as secure to use as PayPal.

Is there any free AI art generator?

Craiyon is an app to create an AI-generated image. The AI can transform your text into art. Artificial intelligence makes the creation of art very simple. It can be downloaded from the Google Play store for Android.

What languages does support? supports English as its primary language.

Does offer an API?

Adding AI technology to your app, website, or workflow with the Hotpot SaaS API is available. However, API access requires payment.

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