7 Best Social Media Scraping Tools to Extract Data

Using social media data analysis enables us to understand their target audience better and improve their marketing strategies. 

By scraping social media platforms, automated tools can collect user demographics, interests, and behavior data and use this information to create more targeted and effective marketing campaigns.

Is web scraping legal? Web scraping is considered legal as long as the data being extracted is publicly available.

If you aim to enhance the impact of your marketing campaigns through email outreach, using a social media scraper tool can be highly beneficial.

However, with a plethora of tools accessible, it can be challenging to determine the most appropriate one for your needs.

Are you searching for the top social media scraper tools?

I’ve compiled a list of the best social media scraping tools and explained how you could use them with the most popular social media platforms.

My Top Social Media Scraping Tools

1. Octoparse: Best User-Friendly Social Media Scraping Tool

2. ScrapingBee: Best for Barrier-Free Social Media Scraping Tool

3. Octoparse: Best Social Media Scraping Tool with Largest Proxy

What are the Best Social Media Scraping Tools?

1. Apify

One of the best social media scraping tools: Apify main page

If you’re looking for a top-notch tool for applied social media analytics and automating web pages, Apify is the way to go.

It’s one of the most advanced social media scraper tools out there, and it can collect data from any social media platform while automating almost all your processes.

Apify boasts hundreds of powerful features available through its store, including Instagram Profile Scraper, TikTok Scraper, Reddit Scraper, Twitter Scraper, and many more.

But the best part about Apify is how easy it is to collect data from web pages. Its scraping tools collect structured data for easy access and quicker application.

Now, one thing to note is that some websites use anti-bot systems, which can be a challenge.

But with Apify, you don’t have to worry about that. It uses a combination of proxies, smart rotation, and fingerprinting technology to prevent anti-bot blocking.

Plus, Apify has a wealth of residential IP addresses that help with rotation and ensure reliable data extraction throughout the process.

Another great thing about Apify is that it’s an open-source tool that continuously improves, and its supportive community of partners and users provides valuable tips to help you make the most of the tool.

Key Features

  • Automation of Repetitive Tasks: Apify is ideal for streamlining repetitive processes, enabling users to focus on more critical tasks.
  • Scalability: Apify allows for the easy scaling of processes to accommodate the growing needs of your projects.
  • Integration with Powerful Tools: The platform can seamlessly integrate with other robust tools such as Zapier, Make, and Keboola.
  • Multiple Access Modes: Apify offers versatility through its accessibility via API, Apify interface, JS API, Python API, and more.
  • Readable Data Export Formats: Users can export data in easily understandable formats, enhancing productivity and efficiency.


Apify offers a free plan to get you started on the platform, and if you need more features, you can subscribe yearly and enjoy a 20% discount on all pricing plans. The Personal plan goes for $49/month, the Scale plan is $499/month, the business plan is $999/month, and you can also get custom pricing.

One of the best social media scraping tools: Apify Pricing

2. Snov.io

One of the best social media scraping tools: Snov.io main page

Snov.io is like your friendly neighborhood lead generation sidekick for LinkedIn.

It can also crawl websites for media, scrape data and verify emails, and create email sequences with automated follow-ups.

This data extraction platform is an awesome platform that makes it easier for businesses, marketers, and sales teams to discover, nurture, and convert leads like a pro.

Consider it one of the most well-rounded platforms for prospecting and cold outreach.

It helps you fast-track the process, turning potential future revenue into present success by finding email leads just about anywhere online – from company websites and Google search results to LinkedIn.

In addition, Snov.io is available in four languages to make your life even more accessible. You can grow your business with tools in English, Chinese, Portuguese, and Ukrainian. But that’s not all – they plan to add even more languages soon.

Key Features

  • Email Finder: This feature helps you find email addresses for potential clients or partners. You can search by domain, company, or even specific people.
  • Email Verifier: No one wants to deal with bounced emails or invalid addresses. The Email Verifier feature ensures that the emails you collect are valid and active, saving you time and effort.
  • Email Tracker: The Email Tracker gives you insights into the performance of your email campaigns, so you can make data-driven decisions and improve your outreach efforts.
  • Email Drip Campaigns: Snov.io makes creating, scheduling, and managing email campaigns easy, allowing you to automate and personalize your outreach. You can send follow-ups, track performance, and even set triggers for better engagement.
  • CRM: With Snov.io’s built-in CRM, you can manage your leads, track your sales pipeline, and close deals more efficiently. It’s designed to help your team stay organized and collaborate effectively.
  • Technology Checker: This feature lets you identify the software and tools they’ve implemented, giving you valuable insights for your marketing and sales strategies.


This tool has some pretty sweet pricing options, making it competitive in the market. Prices kick off at just $30 a month for a basic package and go up to $999 per month for the most advanced features when you go for annual plans. So, whether you’re flying solo or running a small or medium-sized business, you’re sure to find an option that suits your needs like a glove. 

One of the best social media scraping tools: Snov.io pricing

3. Octoparse

One of the best social media scraping tools: Octoparse main page

Octoparse is an exceptional web scraping tool that stands out among its competitors. Its coding-free nature ensures that users can utilize it effectively without any prior programming experience or knowledge.

As a market leader, Octoparse is renowned for its user-friendly point-and-click interface. The tool supports a variety of advanced features, such as infinite scrolling, text input for search results, log-in authentication, and navigation through drop-down menus, among others.

The current version of Octoparse is equipped with an auto-detection algorithm, allowing it to select pertinent data automatically. This valuable information can subsequently be exported into formats such as JSON, HTML, Excel, or various databases. With its superior functionality and ease of use, Octoparse is undoubtedly an optimal choice for web scraping needs.

One of the best social media scraping tools: Octoparse user experience

Key Features

  • Diverse Data Export Formats: Octoparse allows users to extract data in APIs, Excel, CSV, or export directly to databases.
  • Customizable Task Scheduling: Users can set hourly, daily, or weekly task scheduling to automate their web scraping process.
  • Dedicated Scraping Service: Octoparse offers a professional scraping service for users who cannot conduct web scraping themselves or lack time to do so.


Octoparse offers a variety of pricing plans to suit different needs. The free plan provides unlimited pages and computers, with a limit of 10,000 records per export and two concurrent local runs.

The standard paid plan, priced at $89 per month, and the professional plan, available for $249 a month, cater to a broader range of requirements.

Octoparse also offers enterprise solutions for larger businesses. All paid plans include cloud extraction and support a real-time extraction schedule with intervals as short as every 1 minute.

These diverse pricing options ensure that Octoparse is a versatile and cost-effective solution for organizations of varying sizes and requirements.

One of the best social media scraping tools: Octoparse pricing

4. ScrapingBee

One of the best social media scraping tools: ScrapingBee main page

ScrapingBee is among the top social media scraping tools available, designed to prevent blocking while scraping. It offers a combination of standard web scraper tools and other unique features that set it apart from the competition.

With efficient data extraction that conserves CPU and RAM usage, ScrapingBee is an effective solution for managing headless browsers. This makes it ideal for retrieving social media content such as customer reviews, price changes, and real estate entries.

Recognizing that coding can be a barrier for many, ScrapingBee’s no-code system simplifies the process. Users can easily integrate with Make to create and implement social media scraping without any coding expertise.

ScrapingBee is also proficient at handling JavaScript scenarios that often prove challenging for many social media scrapers. Additionally, the platform offers a pool of proxies for geotargeting and automatic IP rotation, further enhancing its capabilities.

With its robust feature set and user-friendly interface, ScrapingBee is an excellent choice for businesses looking to harness the power of social media scraping effectively.

Key Features

  • Effortlessly Scrape Search Engine Results Pages: Utilize the Google Search API to extract valuable information from search engine results in pages easily.
  • Versatile Data Extraction: Extract data using HTML, JSON, or implement other APIs of your choice to accommodate your unique requirements.
  • Seamless Integration with Numerous Tools: Enhance ScrapingBee’s functionality by integrating it with various tools such as Slack, Google Sheets, Amazon, and more.
  • Screenshot Feature for Added Convenience: ScrapingBee offers a screenshot feature, allowing users to capture full-page screenshots as well as specific sections of a webpage.


Comparable to ScraperAPI, ScrapingBee does not offer a free plan but provides users with 1,000 complimentary credits for an initial trial experience. Their diverse pricing plans are designed to cater to various needs, including:

  • Freelance Plan: Priced at $49/month for 100,000 credits.
  • Startup Plan: Available at $99/month for 1,000,000 credits.
  • Business Plan: Offered at $249/month for 2,500,000 credits.
  • Enterprise Plan: Starting at $999+/month for 12,500,000+ credits.
One of the best social media scraping tools: ScrapingBee pricing

5. Dripify

One of the best social media scraping tools: Dripify main page

Dripify is a powerful automation tool specifically designed for those utilizing LinkedIn for lead generation.

As one of the most popular social media platforms for B2B marketing, LinkedIn offers numerous opportunities for businesses to connect with potential clients.

Dripify allows users to scrape leads, export data, and build fully automated LinkedIn sequences.

Using Dripify, users can effortlessly export their LinkedIn contacts into a CSV file, including valuable information such as name, company, position, email address, phone number, and website URL.

Additionally, Dripify supports the automation of various sales processes, such as creating personalized lead-generation funnels, drip campaigns, and more.

With Dripify’s comprehensive features, businesses can streamline their LinkedIn lead generation and sales processes, ultimately enhancing their overall marketing strategy.


One of the best social media scraping tools: Dripify pricing

6. Oxylabs

One of the best social media scraping tools: Oxylabs main page

Oxylabs empowers you to scrape any website effortlessly without the need to write a single line of code.

Utilizing its intuitive point-and-click interface, this social media scraper is tailored for the modern web. It is the ideal choice for scraping social media pages that rely on JavaScript actions to display their content.

Some of its advanced features include support for proxy and IP rotation, scheduled data collection, as well as API and Web-hooks integration.

This tool provides a scheduler, allowing you to effortlessly automate recurring scraping and parsing tasks while receiving parsed data at your preferred intervals. It removes the necessity for manually submitting new requests or creating scheduling scripts to carry out identical scraping and parsing operations.


One of the best social media scraping tools: Oxylabs pricing

7. Import.io

One of the best social media scraping tools: import.io main page

Import.io stands as a top-tier scraping tool, adept at extracting data from URLs and organizing it into CSV files, Excel spreadsheets, and APIs. The collected data can be utilized through integrations with third-party systems such as CRM, ERP, analytics programs, reporting tools, and even custom applications.

The extracted information can be applied for prospecting, price comparisons, and risk assessment purposes. For small to medium-sized businesses, Import.io is an excellent choice.

Key Features

  • Flexible extractors featuring point-and-click functionality for easy creation
  • Schedule and customize extractors according to your requirements
  • Scrape authenticated data using login credentials
  • Store all extracted information in the cloud.


Import.io offers a tailored process to deliver data to the required destination in the desired format. Their team works with you to identify the best solution, discuss various features and pricing options, and ensure you obtain the necessary information.‍

What is Social Media Scraping Tool?

A social media scraping tool is a specialized web scraper designed for extracting data from various social media channels.

This automation tool streamlines the process of collecting data from social media sites by compiling it into a unified format.

If you want to extract data from social media platforms like Facebook or LinkedIn, all you need is a social media scraper and a proxy.

You specify the data parameters you need, and the scraping tool sends web requests for relevant web pages.

The tool then scans the returned pages to extract the necessary data, which can be processed to obtain the desired insights.

Incorporating social media scraping into your marketing strategy is essential to expand your brand and connecting with potential customers via social media marketing.

Why Scrape Social Media Platforms?

1. Enhancing Sentiment Analysis 

Data scraping tools can be configured to acquire posts mentioning your brand while setting constraints in terms of demographics and locations.

This allows you to analyze the sentiments of various market segments towards your business, enabling you to tailor your offerings according to audience expectations.

2. Streamlining Lead Generation

Utilizing web scraping tools, you can extract publicly visible contact information, such as email addresses, to generate quality leads.

Data scrapers can be integrated with email scraping tools or operate independently.

LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook are prime platforms for lead generation, making them ideal targets for this purpose.

3. Monitoring Market Trends

Web scrapers facilitate tracking of industry influencers, publications, and shifts in buying and selling patterns.

Through market trend analysis, you can adjust your business strategy to keep pace with evolving market conditions.

4. Boosting Audience Engagement 

As your brand expands, maintaining audience engagement can become challenging. Data scraping helps assess the type of content that resonates with your audience and the topics they find most interesting. Creating content tailored to your audience’s preferences can boost engagement metrics and foster stronger connections with your followers.

The Benefits of Using a Social Media Scraping Tool

Social media scraping tools skillfully extract unstructured data from various social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, blogs, wiki pages, news sites, and other platforms featuring user-generated content.

Once scraped data, it is transformed into a structured format that can greatly benefit businesses in numerous ways.

Some of the advantages of employing social media scraping include social media accounts and followings.

1. Monitoring Consumer Feedback

One of the most significant advantages of social media scraping lies in its ability to provide profound insights into individual and collective behaviors, decisions, and opinions. This invaluable information allows you to understand your customer base better.

The data you gather can be employed to monitor factors that may influence your customers, enabling you to adapt accordingly.

For instance, you can examine reviews and ratings, opinions on various subjects, purchase rates, reactions, customer satisfaction, loyalty, and other aspects. Furthermore, you can analyze attitudes toward diverse products.

This proves to be an instrumental tool in overseeing customer interactions across all types of engagements, including touchpoints, sales processes, social engagement, customer service, and more.

Ultimately, social media scraping can aid you in devising new marketing strategies, enhancing brand awareness, and elevating the overall customer experience.

2. Understanding Market Trends 

Businesses must understand their customers’ needs and how their products or services can fulfill them. To achieve this, staying informed about current market trends, including shifts that may impact customer expectations, is crucial.

By extracting data from social media, you can gain insights into trends, remain current with market demands, and anticipate future developments.

Additionally, scraping social media data can help you monitor your competitors. By obtaining valuable data, you can observe your competitors’ actions and the feedback they receive, providing valuable insights into their successful strategies.

Fortunately, social media scraping tools can automate this process, delivering structured data ready for analysis. Gathering this information can refine your business strategies for maximum effectiveness.

3. Creating Targeted Campaigns 

An additional advantage of social media scraping is its ability to help you identify audience segments and determine whom to target, as well as the optimal methods and timing.

For example, you can leverage analytics to design campaigns tailored to specific audience segments based on factors such as age and income.

Social media scraping tools often come with email management software features, which ultimately streamline marketing efforts, save time, and simplify workflows.

Moreover, you can improve your campaigns’ return on investment (ROI) by pinpointing when users are most active based on their location.

Final Thoughts

The internet, particularly social media platforms, serves as an immense repository of boundless information. Unfortunately, much of this data has not been easily accessible to those who need it.

Thankfully, social media scraping tools have emerged to address this issue. These tools enable effective scraping of social media data, allowing you to track your audience, monitor trends, analyze activities, and tailor campaigns accordingly.

However, respecting individuals’ privacy and adhering to the relevant laws while scraping data is crucial. Some websites may block your access, and though these tools can help circumvent such restrictions, proper usage remains essential.

The web scraping tools mentioned above provide you with the most efficient means to extract vast amounts of data from social media websites. This information allows you to understand your audience better and deliver improved services.

Web data scraping offers tremendous benefits, and the possibilities for leveraging the information you acquire are virtually limitless.

PAA (People Also Ask)

Is it legit to scrape social media?

Web scraping is lawful as long as the data being extracted is publicly available.

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