How To Make Money With X, Twitter

X, the social network formerly known as Twitter, began sharing advertising revenue with creators in July 2023.

According to, sharing revenue from verified users’ organic impressions of ads displayed in replies to your X content is possible through the Ads revenue sharing program.

The more quality content a platform has, the more users it attracts. This is how YouTube channel has incentivized content creators for years.

Are you curious about how to make money with X ? You’ve come to the right place!

In this blog post article about Ads revenue sharing on X Twitter, you will discover how to earn extra money by writing tweets.

X revenue share program eligibility criteria

Creators can join ” Ads Revenue Sharing ” and ” Creator Subscriptions ” independently. Ads Revenue Sharing will be available globally to creators who meet our eligibility requirements.

To be eligible for creator ads revenue sharing, you need to meet the following criteria.

  • Be subscribed to X Premium or Verified Organizations

  • Have at least 5M organic impressions on your cumulative posts within the last three months

  • Have at least 500 followers

Ways to Make Money on X

Join Ads Revenue Share Program on X

Elon Musk recently unveiled the X Ads Revenue Sharing Program, and it’s quickly transforming the way verified users earn money on X. This powerful initiative allows you to earn a portion of ad revenue from commercials displayed within your post videos.

Now, it’s easier than ever to turn engaging content into cold hard cash.

The beauty of this program is its simplicity and inclusivity. Available to all eligible users around the globe, it provides an exciting opportunity for those looking to monetize their online presence effectively.

You don’t have to be a well-known celebrity or massive corporation – if your posts resonate with potential customers, you’ll share in the profits when ads are run alongside them.

Launch Creator Subscriptions

Launching creator subscriptions can turn your dedicated following into a consistent monthly income. Twitter allows content creators to sell access to exclusive content, such as extra tweets or bonus tweets for subscribers only.

Any verified user can become a content creator and take advantage of this monetization opportunity. The potential revenue from the monthly subscription service is substantial, with you retaining up to 97% of your earnings.

This new avenue for income forms part of Twitter’s push towards non-advertising-based revenue streams like their X Blue paid service.

It’s time to put your creative skills into action and tap into the power of the platform’s loyal user base – launch your Creator Subscriptions today!

Become an Affiliate Marketer

Being an affiliate marketer expands your earning potential on Twitter. This involves joining an affiliate program of a brand or service that aligns with your content and promoting their products to your followers.

Each sale made through the unique referral link you share earns you a commission. It’s not just about endorsing any product available for sale; success in affiliate marketing comes from genuinely promoting products or services that resonate with your audience.

Affiliate marketing can provide a passive income source, enabling bloggers and creators to earn even when away from their desks!

Sell Products and Services

Users can make money on X by selling their products and business services directly to their followers. This allows users to leverage their audience and generate income by selling physical goods, digital products, or professional services.

By promoting their offerings on Twitter and providing a convenient way for customers to purchase, users can effectively tap into a potential customer base and monetize their online presence.

Whether it’s crafts, artwork, online courses, freelance writing services, or any other product or service that aligns with their expertise or interests, users have the opportunity to turn their passion into profit through direct sales on X.

Divert Followers to Your Other Social Media

One effective strategy to make money on Twitter is diverting your followers to other social media platforms. Promoting your other accounts can potentially increase your audience and reach a broader market.

Creating engaging and valuable content on these platforms encourages your Twitter followers to follow you elsewhere. You can utilize features such as links, call-to-actions, and promotions to redirect your Twitter followers to your other social media accounts.

Offering exclusive content or incentives on these platforms can also motivate your Twitter followers to explore and follow you elsewhere.

Tools to Manage Your X Twitter Content

Utilize X Media Studio

X Media Studio is an easy-to-use platform that can help you make money on X. It allows you to manage, measure, and monetize your media on Twitter. Plus, it offers a turnkey solution for advertisers who want to align with brand-safe content. With X Media Studio, you can post images, GIFs, videos, and even live streams on your Twitter profile.

This platform enables you to tell your story visually compellingly, going beyond the character limit of regular tweets. Take advantage of X Media Studio to expand your message, connect with new audiences, engage with fans, network with partners, and identify influencers.

Automation Tools: ChatGPT and Zapier

Maximize your earning potential on X Twitter by exploring additional tools to help automate your work and increase revenue.

Here are some related tools to consider:

  1. Automation with Zapier

    : Integrate X with over 5000 other apps using Zapier. Create custom automated workflows based on if/then rules, streamlining your tasks and saving you time.

  2. Make:

    Discover the power of Make, another tool that can be used to automate various aspects of your X account. This platform allows you to schedule tweets, manage your account, and label automated posts.

  3. Zapier ChatGPT Plugin:

    Connect with Google Sheets, Gmail, Slack, and more directly within ChatGPT using the Zapier integration. Seamlessly interact with these apps without leaving the conversation.

Final Words

The takeaway is that X offers various opportunities for individuals to make money.

Users can monetize their X accounts by joining the Ads Revenue Sharing Program, launching creator subscriptions, becoming an affiliate marketer, selling products and services, and diverting followers to other social media platforms.

With the right strategies and tools in place, people can make a living directly through X while leveraging their content creation skills.

So start exploring these avenues today and turn your passion into profit on X.

PAA (People Also Ask)

1. Can I make money with X Twitter?

You can make money with X using Twitter by monetizing your account through sponsored tweets, affiliate marketing, or selling products and services.

2. How do I get started making money with X Twitter?

To get started making money with X on Twitter, create valuable content related to your niche or expertise, build an engaged following, and explore opportunities for collaborations, promotions, or launching your own products.

3. Are there any risks in making money with X Twitter?

There are some risks involved in making money with X on Twitter such as potential scams, competition from other users, or negative feedback from followers. It’s important to research and choose reliable methods of monetization while maintaining authenticity and trust.

4. What are the different ways to monetize my presence on X Twitter?

You can monetize your presence on Twitter through X by offering sponsored posts for brands or companies related to your niche, promoting affiliate products or services that align with your audience’s interests, selling digital products such as ebooks or online courses, or showcasing your skills to attract clients who need personalized services related to X.

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