Synthesia io Review 2023: AI Avatars for Talking Head Videos without Studio Time

If you’re seeking a solution to create standout videos without showing your face, Synthesia io could be your ideal video tool.

It specializes in generating talking head videos using AI, resulting in professional and engaging content.

With Synthesia io, you can select from a range of personalities and appearances to suit your video’s style and message.

This cutting-edge technology allows you to create professional-looking videos effortlessly without the need for on-camera talent.

In this Synthesia io review, I’ll walk you through the process of creating talking headshot videos using custom avatars with Synthesia io, detailing the AI software’s features and the various styles you can choose for your video presentations.

What Is Exactly Synthesia io?

Synthesia io main image.

Synthesia io has changed how creators create video content and generate high-quality videos without studio time.

Established in 2017 by a group of researchers, this cutting-edge ai tool employs artificial intelligence to generate incredibly realistic simulations of humans speaking.

This is one of the most cost-effective video generation platforms that utilizes artificial intelligence to create high-quality videos without the need for on-camera appearances.

You can create custom avatars to represent your business or yourself, selecting from different personalities and appearances. This is an innovative approach to using an AI presenter to deliver your message.

The platform offers a wealth of features to simplify the video creation process, including video templates, AI avatars, background music, and state-of-the-art text-to-speech technology.

Synthesia io is perfect for creating explainer videos, training materials, high-quality marketing videos, social media videos, Youtube videos, and product demo video.

It is user-friendly, allowing you to produce AI-generated videos within minutes. Additionally, you have the option to use your own voiceover or choose from pre-recorded voices.

With this ai video creation tool, you can create stunning videos that effectively convey your message and capture your target audience’s attention.

What makes Synthesia io stand out is its affordability, as you can create unlimited videos for a low price.

It’s an excellent option for businesses seeking to create professional videos without the expense and complexity of traditional video production.

What AI Technology Power Synthesia io?

Synthesia io AI technology.

Synthesia io is revolutionizing video creation by making it accessible and easy for everyone. This innovative platform has developed a groundbreaking text-to-video (TTV) technology that generates lifelike synthetic humans to deliver messages directly from a script.

Achieving such a high level of realism is no simple task. Viewers are familiar with the subtle nuances that make a person appear genuine in a video – their looks, actions, and sounds. Any deviation from this can quickly lead to the dreaded “uncanny valley.”

To overcome this challenge, Synthesia io employs neural video synthesis. This cutting-edge approach involves training neural networks to recreate photorealistic appearances and movements observed in real videos. By successfully navigating the uncanny valley, Synthesia io is able to generate synthetic humans that genuinely look and feel real.

Discover the future of video creation with and experience the magic of life-like synthetic humans for yourself.

What Cases Does Synthesia io Use for?

Synthesia io is perfect for creating product demo videos, explainer videos, marketing content, training videos, and any other type of video that involves conveying information.

This software especially excels in producing short promos and teaser videos.

Synthesia io can also be utilized for crafting social media videos such as Facebook ads, Instagram Stories, and YouTube videos swiftly and with minimal effort.

Training Videos

Synthesia io video creator is an advanced tool that streamlines video creation for individuals lacking video editing skills or requiring help with making training videos for their team.

Creators can choose from pre-designed templates designed to fit various scenes and select an AI avatar as their presenter.

And then, simply Input the prepared script to create the voice-over by copying and pasting it into the script box for the scenes and slides.

Synthesia io automatically assigns a voice based on the detected language when you paste the script.

Lastly, enhance the video by adding images, videos, or icons. In ‘My Library,’ you can access previously used images in Synthesia or download stock photos. Additionally, you can upload your own photos and incorporate them into your video.

How-To Videos

The How-To, Instructional, or explainer video offers a powerful and memorable method for conveying information.

Creating video content using Synthesia io allows users to create professional-looking video 80% faster, without a studio setup, just utilizing 125+ Video Avatars, 120+ Languages, 55+ free Video Templates, and more features.

By creating these videos, you can demonstrate to your employees, customers, or students how to complete tasks or educate them about your products and services.

It is because the human brain processes visual information much more quickly than text.

In fact, according to MIT research, 90% of the information transmitted to the brain is visual, and visuals are processed 60,000 times faster than text.

This engaging format helps viewers understand complex concepts easily, leading to better retention and overall success in learning or using your offerings.

Marketing Videos

Synthesia io is ideal for marketing videos due to its lifelike AI avatars, customization options, text-to-video technology, and support for multiple languages.

This platform allows for quick, cost-effective video creation without the need for extensive video editing skills or a professional production team.

As a result, marketers can produce engaging, targeted content that effectively conveys their message and resonates with their audience.

Blog Post into Videos

Just putting a blog post into a video maker on Synthesia io transforms a long-form post into a video script.

Repurposing blog posts as videos for various social media channels can lead to increased engagement and reach a broader audience.

As a matter of fact, most internet viewers retain 95% of a video’s message vs. 10% of text-based messaging

How to Create Professional Videos with Synthesia io?

Synthesia io is an innovative AI-driven marketing tool designed to simplify and streamline video creation for users, regardless of their skill level or experience.

With its intuitive interface and powerful features, anyone can produce high-quality, professional-looking videos without any prior editing or video production knowledge.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to creating your AI video using Synthesia io:

1. Choose a template: Synthesia io offers a wide selection of templates to cater to various purposes, including how-to videos, marketing content, reports, or creative projects. You can browse through the categories to find the perfect template for your video or opt for a custom background or uploaded video.

2. Select an avatar: With over 65 diverse avatars to choose from, you can pick the one that best suits your video’s theme and style. If you can’t find the ideal avatar, you can create your own by uploading a video, which Synthesia io will analyze and make available in the editing panel once it’s processed.

3. Input your script: Synthesia io utilizes cutting-edge text-to-video technology to convert your written script into spoken words by the avatar you’ve selected. The platform supports more than 60 languages and automatically detects the language used in your script. You can also choose a specific tone to match your video’s mood or message.

4. Make adjustments and customize your video: You can further enhance your video by adjusting the avatar’s size, position, and appearance or by adding elements like shapes, text, and images. Additionally, you can upload a custom background or source royalty-free images from websites like Pexels and Unsplash. You can also include background music to complement your video to create the right ambiance.

5. Refine and polish the speech: Ensure you add appropriate punctuation in your script, which will affect the avatar’s speech output. Commas will result in short pauses, while full stops will create longer ones. Quotation marks can be used to emphasize specific words or phrases. If you prefer, you can use the SSML markup language to fine-tune pauses or upload your own voiceover to make the avatar speak in your voice.

6. Publish the video: Once you’re satisfied with your creation, click the ‘Generate video’ button to process and complete your video. You can then download it in MP4 or full HD format. Synthesia io will also create an automatic sharing link, enabling you to share your video on various platforms effortlessly. Additionally, you can download the video subtitles in .srt format for added accessibility.

By following these steps, you can harness the power of Synthesia io to create engaging, professional, and unique video content that captures your audience’s attention and delivers your message effectively.

Key Features

125+ AI Avatars

Synthesia io AI avatars.

With over 125 diverse AI avatars to choose from, you can easily find the perfect fit for your brand.

It allows you to eliminate the need for costly studio time and professional actors by using AI avatars as presenters in your videos. Save time, money, and resources while still delivering high-quality video content with the help of AI-powered avatars.

You even have the option to create an exclusive AI avatar or design a custom one, ensuring that your content truly reflects your brand identity.

Custom Avatars

Synthesia io custom AI avatar and voice.

With Synthesia Studio, you can create your own avatar and produce personalized videos that truly represent your brand.

Custom avatars offer a unique touch to your content, making it stand out and resonate with your target audience.

By harnessing the power of Synthesia Studio and its custom avatar capabilities, you can elevate your video marketing game and craft compelling, engaging videos.

The entire process is incredibly customizable, from backgrounds and avatars to the script itself. With each video creation, you can customize the background music to give off the specific emotion you are going for.

Synthesia io also offers various educational materials, such as how-to videos and beginner courses, to further your knowledge of creating professional videos on their platform.

60+ Video Templates

Synthesia io video templates.

Video Templates With over 50 customizable templates, you can generate high-quality videos with different themes.

Whether you want social media videos, explainer videos, presentations, or promotions, you’ll find a professional-looking template that suits your needs. 

Free Media Library 

After subscribing to one of the plans, you can get free media assets from Unsplash and Shutterstock and add them to your videos. 

Editing Studio

The video editing studio in Synthesia io provides a user-friendly interface for setting up and customizing your videos.

Although it may seem overwhelming initially, mastering its features will significantly enhance your video creation experience.

The studio offers a variety of easy tools, allowing you to achieve a range of objectives. For example, when adding a background video, you have the option to loop it, play it once, or modify its speed to align with your video’s duration.

Additionally, the editing studio enables you to switch between languages, incorporate background music, select a custom avatar, or even record yourself as a unique avatar.

The platform also integrates seamlessly with image libraries such as Pexels and Unsplash, allowing you to access a vast array of visual resources, including shapes and GIFs.

Furthermore, you can upload your own branding elements like logos and custom fonts, ensuring that your videos align with your brand identity.

Voiceovers with 120+ Languages

Synthesia io language options.

Synthesia io allows you to generate professional voiceovers without the need for expensive equipment or hiring voice actors, thanks to its AI-powered technology.

It supports over 120 languages and accents, allowing you to create content that caters to a global audience.

Editing or updating voiceovers is as simple as clicking a button, making it incredibly user-friendly.

Additionally, subtitles are automatically generated for each video you create, ensuring inclusivity for all audiences.

Each video also offers the option to select your message’s tone, just as you would if you recorded it yourself.

You have the ability to select between male and female voices for your AI-generated video presentations.

This option allows you to tailor your content to suit your audience’s preferences better and create a more engaging experience.

By providing a range of voice choices, Synthesia io ensures that your videos can effectively convey your message in the most appealing manner.

Who Can Benefit from Synthesia io

Synthesia io is an excellent tool for those who want to create videos efficiently and effectively. It is ideal for:

  • Businesses
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Digital marketers
  • Trainers, teachers, and educators
  • YouTubers

This tool is designed with user-friendliness and intuitiveness in mind, ensuring that individuals with varying levels of experience and technical expertise can create outstanding videos.

If you require high-quality videos but lack the skills or resources to produce them using traditional methods, Synthesia io may be the perfect solution for your needs.


Synthesia io Pricing Plan


Synthesia io offers personal and corporate pricing plans, which offer numerous benefits. The personal plan offers 10 video credits per month with the ability to generate those videos in over 120 languages and over 50 templates. You can also choose from more than 125 avatars to best fit your style and content type.

The Personal plan costs $30/month, providing you with access to create 10 minutes of video content per month. You can use any of the available features to create videos up to ten minutes long, but each video cannot exceed six slides.

For $30 per month, you can create a professional video where you can choose the background, whether you want a color, stock video, or image. There is a built-in screen recorder so you can provide demos with AI voice-overs. If you dislike pre-built video production templates, you can create your unique video by adding text, images, and shapes to each scene. Once your visual elements are added, you can bring the video together by adding music to the background.


You get all these features and more with the corporate plan if you’re a company or corporation. You can add up to 50 slides per video, and there is no limit on the number of videos you can create per month. You can also customize your video to match your brand and add your company logo.

Synthesia io Alternatives

If you’re searching for alternatives to Synthesia io, various other tools can help you create engaging videos or video sales letters. Here are some of the top alternatives to

  1. Deepword
  2. Invideo
  3. Rephrase AI
  4. Yepic AI
  5. Hey Gen (Former

Each of these AI marketing tools can deliver impressive results and enhance your conversion rates across various platforms. The choice ultimately depends on your specific needs and budget.

Take the time to test each of these AI video tools to determine which one works best for you and your projects.

What Does Well: Pros

Customizable Features: Synthesia’s entire process is incredibly customizable, from backgrounds and avatars to the script itself. You have creative freedom when creating premium videos.

Subtitles: Synthesia AI automatically generates subtitles for each video, ensuring inclusivity for all audiences. The same goes for voice-overs, which are available in multiple languages.

User Experience: Synthesia is easy to use, and the platform has many resources you can reference if you need extra support when creating your videos. Each step in the process is straightforward, and you have access to custom features that make editing and creating a video simple yet personalized.

Educational Materials: Synthesia offers various educational materials, such as how-to videos and beginner courses, to further your knowledge of creating professional videos on their platform.

What Could Be Improved: Cons

Customization Options

Synthesia offers some customization options for your video creations, including animations for shapes and text. However, it doesn’t provide any unique tools for seamless transitions between scenes, which can be more visually appealing to viewers compared to abrupt cuts.

If you’re searching for more advanced customization options to enhance your visuals, the platform may be somewhat limited in what it offers beyond basic shapes, text, and animations. Despite these limitations, Synthesia still delivers a quality video creation tool suitable for producing a wide range of video content.

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