Review in 2023: AI Meeting Summarizing Tool presented the different devices for offering ai-generated meeting summarizing tools.
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Are you searching for an inclusive AI-generated voice-to-text software tool that boosts your workflow?

If so, you may find yourself in one of several scenarios.

Perhaps you need to summarize a meeting with multiple participants and share it with your team to enhance efficiency.

Or you’ve had a brilliant idea that you want to document and refine with the help of AI quickly.

Alternatively, you may want to include accurate captions for your webinar content.

If you’re looking for reliable transcribing software tools for your audio files, is the perfect solution. With its advanced natural language processing technology, offers accurate and speedy transcriptions for voice conversations, interviews, and meetings.

In this post, I will walk you through the review, its key features, and pricing information. Overview is an excellent tool for transcribing and sharing recordings. It is an AI-powered transcribing software that enables you to record, transcribe, and share your meetings, interviews, online courses, webinar, and presentations in real time.

The software uses advanced machine learning algorithms to transcribe your voice into text, making reviewing and sharing your recordings easier. is designed to make your work life more manageable and efficient by allowing you to quickly find important information from your meetings, save time transcribing, and enhance productivity. Review: User Experience structures the user experience effectively, ensuring a well-organized approach before, during, and after meetings.

Before the Meeting meeting plan by connecting Google or Microsoft calendar.
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Before the meeting commenced, the planning phase was tedious and time-consuming, involving the exchange of numerous emails among team members to keep everyone informed. The automation of this repetitive process, through the user experience offered by Otter, is truly remarkable.

During the Meeting offers automated highlighting of critical takeaways, captures meeting siles, and adds them to the notes during the virtual conversation.
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Otter records audio while simultaneously generating real-time notes, allowing users to focus more intently on the discussion.

A valuable feature during meetings is the ability to highlight keywords when recordings are transcribed into text summaries. This useful tool helps participants to focus better and comprehend the meeting’s contents more effectively.

Meanwhile, in virtual sessions, Otter captures lecture slides automatically and incorporates them into the notes, assisting team members in retaining crucial details with full context.

After the Meeting offers a tagging feature to communicate with teammates virtually.
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Any highlighted notes will be visible in the Takeaways panel, and you can tag teammates with action items, providing them with immediate access to the full context of the discussion through the notes and slides.

Before the introduction of this AI transcription software, we used to carry out this process after the meeting’s conclusion. The advent of this technology is truly remarkable.

After the Meeting offers after-meeting collaboration: automated meeting summary and email to the team members.
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Otter can produce an Automated Meeting Summary, complete with hyperlinks to the notes and slides. This summary is then automatically emailed to all meeting participants, allowing them to search, read notes, playback audio, assign action items, and add comments or ask questions to the notes.

Automated email-out features:

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Automatic Outline

This feature uses its proprietary AI to create meeting summaries automatically. The feature is designed to provide an overview of what was discussed in a meeting without the need to listen to a recording or read through an entire transcript. These meeting summaries will be conveniently displayed in the “Outline” panel of the Otter platform.

Meeting Gems

The “Meeting Gems” panel is available on Otter’s platform, allowing you to capture action items, decisions, and significant moments from your meetings. This panel offers a range of features, including the ability to assign tasks, add comments, or ask questions. Additionally, users can generate a Meeting Gem directly from their meeting by highlighting specific snippets within the notes.

Otter Assistant

It allows you to add meeting slides or other images presented during virtual meetings directly to your Otter notes. The platform’s home feed has also been redesigned to prioritize meetings and post-meeting actions, providing easy access to shared conversations, highlights, comments, and tagged action items.

Users who have connected their Google or Microsoft Outlook calendars to Otter can now join their meetings directly from the calendar panel, making it even more convenient to manage their schedules and participate in virtual meetings.

Real-time transcription

One of the significant features of is its ability to transcribe your voice into text in real time. This feature is particularly useful during live events and meetings when taking notes can be challenging. ensures that you get all critical information during your meetings. Live captions are amazing on Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet.

Custom Vocabulary

One of’s game-changing features is its custom vocabulary. This feature allows you to create a personalized word list, which ensures that the software accurately transcribes your voice, even when using specific jargon from your industry. makes training the software to recognize specific words and phrases easy, allowing for even more accurate transcriptions.


The collaboration feature is also useful as it lets you easily share your transcriptions. You can share your transcriptions with team members via email or Slack, and collaborate on projects more effectively.’s web interface makes it easy to organize conversations and note-taking, making it an excellent tool for teams working remotely.

Search and Highlight

The search and highlight feature is also impressive, saving a lot of time when looking for specific information during meetings. You can search for keywords and phrases in your transcriptions, and highlights them, making it easier to find what you need.

Mobile and Desktop Support is available as a mobile app and web app, allowing you to transcribe meetings and record conversations on the go. The Otter assistant is also available on Microsoft Teams, making it easy to integrate with your workflow. Review: Pros & Cons


  1. Real-time transcription: can transcribe your voice into text in real-time, making it ideal for live events and meetings.
  2. Custom vocabulary: You can create a custom vocabulary on to ensure accurate transcription of industry-specific terms and jargon.
  3. Collaboration: allows you to easily share transcriptions with others, making it ideal for team collaboration.
  4. Search and Highlight: The search and highlight feature of makes it easy to find specific information within a transcription.
  5. Affordable Pricing: offers a free Basic plan and a reasonably priced Premium plan with a variety of features.
  6. Integration: can integrate with Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet.
  7. Accessibility: It is provided through IOS, Android, and the Google Chrome extension.


  1. Accuracy: The accuracy of’s transcription may vary depending on factors such as background noise and accents.
  2. Limitations: has limits on the number of minutes you can transcribe per month, even with the Premium plan. Review: Pricing

  • Free
  • Pro plan: $8.33
  • Business plan: $20
  • Enterprise plan: contact to sales review Review: Versatile Usage

Business Meetings

Otter AI offers the ability to transcribe live meetings, as well as record in-person meetings or upload existing recordings for speedy transcription. With the added feature of text markup, users can generate quick summaries and takeaways while assigning tasks directly from the discussion.

Content Creation

Otter AI provides a swift way for individuals with an abundance of ideas, yet disliking the act of typing, to translate their thoughts into written content. Users can quickly transcribe recorded conversations, which they can then transform into blog posts or social media content.


With Otter AI’s voice-to-text transcription feature, users can take notes quickly and efficiently. Users can record their tasks, ideas, or excerpts from audiobooks and podcasts, creating a library of searchable notes that are automatically tagged with keywords.


Otter AI’s live captioning feature on Zoom enables webinar participants to benefit from live captions. Additionally, Otter AI generates transcriptions of the webinars, providing an additional content source.

Easy Video Captions

Users can upload video files to Otter AI, which automatically transcribes them, allowing users to generate SRT files for embedding in videos or translation purposes.

Content Repurposing

Otter AI generates text transcripts for each podcast or video, which users can repurpose into blog posts, social media content, and other formats.

Personal Journal

Otter AI’s audio transcription feature provides a compelling alternative to typing or handwriting for those who desire to record their daily thoughts and experiences in a journal.


Otter AI enables podcasters to create captions and transcriptions for each episode, which can be used for show notes, quotes, social media content, and other supplementary materials.


The transcription software is a cutting-edge AI-powered tool that offers audio recording and transcribing voice conversation. It allows users to transcribe interviews, conversations, and any audio recordings on their mobile devices or via its web app. assistant uses natural language processing technology to transcribe conversations and offers live transcription services with fairly accurate results.

The software supports different speakers and can transcribe complex audio tests with a fairly high level of transcription accuracy. Otter offers a straightforward user interface that is compatible with Microsoft Teams, providing seamless ease of use.

With the free version, users can transcribe audio clips. Still, the paid version offers all the features Otter makes available, including a custom word list and note-taking capabilities to organize conversations. However, errors abound, and sometimes the software gets words horribly wrong, but with’s review feature, users can edit the transcription files and correct any errors that may arise. transcription tool is an excellent option for those who want automated transcription services with a free plan and fairly accurate results. It’s a great tool for transcribing meetings, voice conversations, and other audio files, especially with the support Otter offers, and the custom vocabulary feature helps to improve transcription accuracy by taking note of basic personal details and other specific terminology.

While the software is imperfect, is one of the best voice-to-text transcription tools available today, offering a user-friendly interface and excellent customer support. Give a try and see how it can support your workflow today!

PAA (People Also Ask) about

Is free to use? offers a free basic plan with up to 600 minutes of transcription per month. However, a business plan is also available for $20 per month with more features and up to 6,000 minutes of transcription per month. In between, it offers a reasonable pro plan for $8.33 using 1200 monthly transcription minutes.

Can I use for live events and meetings?

Yes, is designed to transcribe your voice into text in real time, making it ideal for live events and meetings.

What other types of using can be used in education and individual productivity to save time. Otter offers both faculty and students real-time captions and notes for both in-person and virtual lectures, classes, or meetings. To boost your productivity, real-time transcription and collaboration features ensure that individual users are fully engaged and productive, surpassing their previous capabilities.

How accurate is’s transcription? uses advanced machine learning algorithms to transcribe your voice into text. The accuracy of the transcription may vary depending on factors such as background noise and accents.

While’s speech-to-text accuracy is fairly accurate, errors can still occur, and users may need to make corrections manually. However, with the custom vocabulary feature, can accurately transcribe jargon and specific terminology from various industries.

Is it Possible to Transcribe Video Clips with Otter AI?

Yes, Otter AI can transcribe video clips. Users can upload video clips to the app, but keep in mind that the Free plan limits transcriptions to 30 minutes per file, with more available on paid plans.

What are the Transcribing Features of Otter AI?

Otter AI offers live transcription of recorded audio within the app, as well as transcription services through Otter Assistant for live meetings on Google Meet, Zoom, or Microsoft Teams. Otter AI can also transcribe pre-recorded audio and video files. (For more information, please refer to the full Otter review on this page.)

Is it possible for Otter AI to Transcribe Audio Recordings?

Absolutely. Otter AI allows users to upload pre-recorded audio tracks for transcription purposes, with a maximum duration of 30 minutes per file on the Free plan, 90 minutes on the Pro plan, and 4 hours on the Business plan.

Can I collaborate with others using

Yes, allows you to share your transcriptions with others via email, Slack, or other messaging platforms, making it easy to collaborate on projects.

Is it possible to customize the vocabulary on

Yes, allows you to create a custom vocabulary, which ensures that the software accurately transcribes your voice, even when using industry-specific jargon.

What is an AI-Generated Meeting Summarizing Tool?

An AI-Generated Meeting Summarizing Tool is a software feature that uses artificial intelligence technology to transcribe speech conversations and create summaries of meetings automatically.

This tool aims to simplify the process of reviewing meeting content by providing a concise overview of what was discussed and decided upon during the meeting.

With this tool, users can save time and effort in manually creating meeting summaries and can quickly get up to speed on important information.

AI-Generated Meeting Summarizing Tools are becoming increasingly popular in the business world, as they help improve productivity and collaboration among teams.

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