Alternatives has emerged as a leading tool for digital lead generation and email discovery. 

However, exploring other powerful alternatives that might better cater to your business needs in the ever-evolving digital landscape is crucial. 

In this blog post, we delve into the world of alternatives, briefly reviewing their features, affordability, and overall effectiveness. 

Whether you’re looking for a cost-effective option or need additional features, this guide is your perfect companion in navigating the exciting realm of email discovery tools.

Let’s get into an enlightening exploration of digital lead generation alternatives!

What Does Do? has been a leading email marketing as the best email finder tool and other ways to get in touch with people.

Using this tool, you can find potential customers for your sales pipeline, connect directly with people who make decisions, create lists of interesting contacts, and find and contact skilled people with the right message at just the right time.

My Best Alternatives

1. Lusha: Best for Outbound Outreach with Intent Data

2. Best Value for Cold Outreach

3. Best for Personalized Email Outreach

What are the Alternatives?

1. Skrapp

Skrapp-Main hunter io alternatives

Skrapp is an alternative to, enabling users to find and verify professional business emails. The application offers many features similar to Hunter, such as bulk email search, company search, email verification, and more.

However, Hunter lacks some features, including a LinkedIn extension that facilitates email searching on the platform. It’s essential to note that Skrapp’s database is smaller than some of the other alternatives, containing only 20 million entries.

Skrapp’s pricing is comparable to, with their basic plan costing the same for both monthly and yearly usage. If you’re interested in exploring an alternative to Hunter, Skrapp might be a suitable option.

hunter io alternatives

2. Find That Lead

Find-That-Lead-Main hunter io alternatives

FindThatLead serves as a comprehensive B2B sales prospecting tool, encompassing an array of functionalities such as email finding and verification, prospecting, email sending, local business contact creation, and social media lead generation.

Regarding its features, FindThatLead aligns closely with alternatives. When placed alongside, FindThatLead distinguishes itself through its advanced search filters. These allow for precise targeting of specific job titles, industries, and locations.

It boasts a similar user interface, facilitating a seamless transition if you’re already well-versed with Hunter. Moreover, FindThatLead smoothly integrates with leading tools like HubSpot, Salesforce, and Pipedrive, among others.

FindThatLead-Pricing hunter io alternatives

3. Lusha

Lusha-Main hunter io alternatives

Lusha serves as a B2B database comparable to RocketReach, designed to cater to marketing and sales teams, along with recruiting departments. This platform simplifies the process of obtaining contact information for key decision-makers within organizations.

Despite its similarity to RocketReach, Lusha falls short of some notable features offered by Hunter IO, such as outreach automation. Nevertheless, the platform compensates with an extensive range of integrations, including Salesforce, Outreach, and more, thereby streamlining campaign management.

While Lusha’s usage cost is marginally higher than Hunter IO and its alternatives, the difference isn’t significant. However, given that it’s more suited to corporate usage, it might not be the optimal choice for link campaigns or guest posting.

Lusha-Pricing hunter io alternatives


Snovio-Main-1 hunter io alternatives

The platform also provides unavailable features on, such as email warmup, LinkedIn prospect finder, and even managed outreach services.

Based on my experience, the features are all of high quality, and their email database is comparable to Hunter’s.

Pricing is quite similar to, with the starter package being slightly more affordable than Hunter’s. is a strong choice if you’re looking for an alternative to Hunter that delivers.

Snovio-Pricing-1 hunter io alternatives

5. UpLead

UpLead-Main hunter io alternatives

UpLead is a B2B prospecting platform that boasts over 95% accuracy in its results. Users can create prospecting lists containing information such as email, phone number, contact, company, and title.

Some features offered by UpLead include a prospector tool, email verification, data enrichment, a technographic, an email finder, a

Chrome extension, and more. A great aspect of UpLead is the opportunity to try the tool through their free trial.

However, it’s important to note that UpLead’s pricing after the free trial is significantly higher than’s. If you’re seeking a similarly priced or even more affordable alternative to, you’ll need to explore other options on the list.

Uplead-Pricing hunter io alternatives

5. Ninja Outreach

NinjaOutreach-Main hunter io alternatives

Ninja Outreach is a well-known platform for developing social media outreach campaigns. It can be used as an alternative to if your focus is solely on social media or with the email outreach tool.

With Ninja Outreach, you can discover leads through Instagram and YouTube for purposes such as lead generation, connecting with influencers, promoting affiliate programs, and more.

The platform simplifies searching and managing contacts through its user-friendly interface and contact management system.

It’s important to note that Ninja Outreach is relatively expensive, with the basic plan costing hundreds of dollars per month.

This lead generator is better suited for users with a specific offer they want to promote. To test out the platform, there is a seven-day free trial available.

NinjaOutreach-Pricing hunter io alternatives

6.  Get Prospect

Get-Prospect-Main hunter io alternatives

Get Prospect is an excellent alternative to In some aspects, Get Prospect outperforms due to features the latter lacks, such as LinkedIn email-finding capabilities and an extensive email database comprising over 200 million contacts.

The platform provides all the popular features is known for, including email verification, email finder by domain and name, and a Google Sheets add-on for management and bulk upload.

It’s important to note that Get Prospect does not offer email-sending capabilities, a feature available in

As a result, you’ll need an additional platform for managing outreach campaigns. However, Get Prospect does integrate with platforms like Mailchimp to streamline the outreach process.

Get-Prospect-Pricing hunter io alternatives

7.  Wiza

Wiza-Main-1 hunter io alternatives

Wiza is a tool designed for scraping and creating lists using emails found on LinkedIn.

The tool simplifies the process of finding specific prospects by allowing you to search based on various criteria such as location, function, industry, and more.

With Wiza, you can also verify all emails you encounter to ensure they are valid and active, preventing you from wasting time. Additionally, you only pay for verified contact information, which helps optimize your budget.

One downside is the lack of a free trial for the platform. Moreover, when considering alternatives to, there are better options than Wiza with more comprehensive features.

Wiza-Pricing-1 hunter io alternatives

8.  Zoom Info

Zoominfo-Main hunter io alternatives

Zoom Info is a well-established outreach platform offering solutions for sales, marketing, operations data, and recruitment outreach.

The tool is utilized by over thirty thousand businesses, including prominent names like T-Mobile and Google.

Features vary depending on the chosen platform, encompassing aspects such as contact & company search, sales automation, cross-channel advertising, lead enrichment, predictive modeling, and much more.

It’s essential to note that this platform is an incredibly feature-rich solution, primarily geared towards enterprise-level clients.

The starting price for plans falls in the thousands, making it a less appealing alternative for smaller websites, such as niche and authority site owners.

Zoominfo-Pricing hunter io alternatives

9.  Voila Norbert

Voila-Nobert-Main hunter io alternatives

Voila Norbert is an email finder tool designed to find and verify business contacts.

This tool provides features such as data enrichment, which allows you to expand your email datasets, email outreach through MailShake, and email verification.

However, Voila Nobert offers fewer features than or alternatives like Snovio.

Its pricing is on par with and more expensive than many alternatives that provide more features.

The starter package costs $49 on the monthly plan and $39 for the yearly plan. Although not exorbitantly expensive, there are better options available for the price.

Voila-Nober-Pricing hunter io alternatives

10.  Sales Blink

Sales-Blink-Main hunter io alternatives

Sales Blink is specifically designed for sales and marketing teams or anyone else who needs to consistently create reliable lists for sales, link building, affiliate marketing, or any other type of outreach.

The tool offers useful features, including email verification, GDPR-compliant emails, a database containing over 250 million leads, and more.

The platform guarantees a high sales deliverability rate to ensure that your campaigns yield the best results.

Another beneficial feature is the ability to schedule meetings directly within the tool, promoting better organization.

You can try out Sales Blink free for fourteen days before transitioning to one of their paid plans.

Their plans cater to varying levels of features, starting with a basic email warmup plan and extending to a comprehensive sales outreach solution.

hunter io alternatives

11.  Email Hippo

Email-Hippo-Main hunter io alternatives

Email Hippo is a lead generation tool to find verified email addresses. Its user-friendly interface and straightforward results make assembling an outreach list swift.

The tool caters to various roles: data enrichment, marketing, sales, and developers.

One advantage of starting with Email Hippo is their free plan, offering one hundred free verifications to test the tool.

This allows you to explore Email Hippo’s core features before fully committing.

However, it’s important to note that this isn’t a complete replacement for To fully replace Hunter, you must combine Email Hippo with a scraper and outreach tools.

Email-Hippo-Pricing hunter io alternatives
hunter io alternatives

12.  Kaspr

Kaspr-Main hunter io alternatives

Kaspr is comparable to many other alternatives, with the unique offering of a user-friendly one-click interface.

The platform aims to assist sales teams, marketing departments, recruitment and HR departments, and growth hackers in accelerating their businesses through lead generation.

Kaspr’s features include sales automation, a handy LinkedIn extension, contact search, insights and analytics, CRM integration, contact management, and more.

The platform’s pricing is not significantly different from Hunter IO, making it a reasonable alternative. Kaspr offers a free plan to help you evaluate whether it suits your requirements.

Kaspr-Pricing hunter io alternatives


Apollo-IO-Main hunter io alternatives presents itself as a sales intelligence and engagement platform for lead generation. It allows users to search through more than 250 million contacts across over 60 million companies, with data being regularly updated.

The platform provides a user-friendly Google Chrome extension, simplifying data collection from websites.

Unlike, can easily connect with well-known customer management systems and platforms such as Salesforce, HubSpot, and Gmail.

This means you can keep all your information together and streamline your sales process, making your tasks more efficient.

What’s impressive about is that it can link up with Sales Nav and LinkedIn. As we all know, LinkedIn has many professional profiles, and being able to search for and get email addresses straight from the platform makes a big difference.

14.  Datagma

Datagma-Main hunter io alternatives

Datagma is a platform designed for discovering corporate email addresses and other relevant prospect information for B2B outreach.

The tool can be utilized to find over 100 unique B2B data points, including personal data, company data, financial data, and website data.

One of the advantages of this platform is its ability to perform real-time data enrichment. This makes it ideal for creating outreach lists and keeping your CRM up to date.

Datagma is fully GDPR compliant and does not store information in a database. Moreover, it supports the enrichment of various inputs, such as emails, LinkedIn data, website information, and more.

Datagma-Pricing hunter io alternatives

15.  Klean Leads

Klean-Leads-Main hunter io alternatives

Klean Leads offers the capability to instantly scrape millions of emails, providing access to hundreds of millions of potential prospects. The platform is both potent and user-friendly.

Key features of the platform include LinkedIn email extraction, a B2B email database containing over 15 million entries, job title scraping, local business scraping, automated LinkedIn connection requests, and more.

Klean Leads can effectively replace most Hunter IO features, presenting a robust email verification and outreach solution.

Klean-Leads-Pricing hunter io alternatives

16.  Aeroleads

Aeroleads-Main hunter io alternatives

Aeroleads allows users to discover corporate emails, personal emails, and phone numbers for various purposes.

The platform boasts a database of over 650 million prospects and real-time validation to prevent outdated information.

Additional advantages of Aeroleads include an all-in-one Google Chrome extension, automated prospecting, email finder and validator, compatibility with numerous CRMs, and more.

As a Hunter IO alternative, Aeroleads effectively meets the requirements of most users.

Aeroleads-Pricing hunter io alternatives

17.  Anymail Finder

Anymail-FinderMain hunter io alternatives

Anymail Finder ranks as one of the top alternatives to Hunter IO.

The platform offers many similar features, such as bulk email search, an extensive email database, free list checking, unlimited team members, and more.

One drawback of Anymail Finder is the absence of an email campaign tool, so you’ll need another platform to manage emails.

However, a benefit it has over Hunter IO is that unverified emails do not count against your credits.

For those seeking an email verification tool as a Hunter IO alternative, Anymail Finder stands out as one of the best options available.

Anymail-FinderPricing hunter io alternatives

18.  ContactOut

ContactOut-Main hunter io alternatives

ContactOut is a platform designed to help you find emails and phone numbers, making it easier to connect with potential candidates for hire.

The tool is tailored for recruitment purposes, so if you need a solution for prospecting backlinks, sales, guest posts, etc., there are more suitable Hunter IO alternatives.

Some of the key features provided by ContactOut include LinkedIn sourcing, the ability to save profiles for future reference, a user-friendly search portal, data enrichment, email campaign creation, and more.

ContactOut is a decent choice if you’re seeking a platform to discover new hires for your business.

ContactOut-Pricing hunter io alternatives

19.  Sales QL

Sales-QL-Main hunter io alternatives

Sales QL is a LinkedIn-focused prospecting tool designed to help you find contacts and obtain their email addresses through the social networking platform.

Although the tool isn’t a perfect substitute for Hunter IO, as it doesn’t have equivalent features, it can effectively replace Hunter with other tools.

Sales QL features include discovering contact information for first, second, and third-tier LinkedIn connections, bulk extracting contacts, more than forty data points per contact, and more.

Furthermore, Sales QL offers a free plan, allowing you to test all these features before committing to a paid plan.

Sales-QL-Pricing hunter io alternatives

20.  Rocket Reach

Rocket-Reach-main-page hunter io alternatives

RocketReach is a service designed to bridge users to decision-makers, boasting what they claim to be the largest and most precise database of email addresses and phone numbers globally.

It provides functionalities like person lookups, email access, mobile and direct phone numbers, and Salesforce integrations.

However, it’s important to highlight that RocketReach doesn’t encompass as many features as and alternatives like Snovio.

The platform is primarily oriented towards professionals such as marketing and sales teams or recruiters rather than link-building or other outreach activities.

While RocketReach’s pricing is on par with, its fewer features make it a less competitive alternative than options like Snovio and Get Prospect.

Rocket-Reach-Pricing hunter io alternatives

Wrapping Up

The email outreach platform introduced so far as alternatives to have unique characteristics beyond their primary functions. 

Lusha provides data to understand intentions by analyzing the emails of potential leads. has more robust email management features than, provides most of the features necessary for lead generation, and is relatively inexpensive. Ninja Outreach offers data optimized for reaching out to Instagram and YouTube influencers. UpLead boasts 98% data accuracy. RocketReach holds the most extensive lead data and is a sales automation platform suitable for large companies’ sales professionals or HR departments. 

Above all, marketing campaigns that generate leads through personalized emails and email finder tools are essential for ROI growth. I hope this post helps you understand the features of each tool and use the appropriate tool.

PAA (People Also Ask)

Here are some common questions about alternatives to and easy-to-understand answers:

Is Worth it? is a trusted tool for searching email addresses. It has good customer service and is generally correct. It’s simple to use and can be used from anywhere. is a great choice for those who want to find email addresses quickly and easily. However, keep in mind that the tool’s correctness relies on the quality of the data you put in.

What do we use for? is a tool built to help companies find confirmed email addresses. It can be used to look for both personal and work email addresses and has many features to make the search as easy as possible. also lets users check if an email address is correct before sending any mail, ensuring that messages always get to the right person.

What should you keep in mind about alternatives to is a great tool for finding email addresses, but it’s not the only choice. If you’re searching for something else, we suggest you think about one of the tools we mentioned earlier based on what you specifically need and who’s on your team. Whichever email finder tool you pick, try it out and see how well it fits into your existing work processes.

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