Best Cold Email AI Tools that Get Replies at Scale in 2023

Are you looking for a virtual assistant who handles email responses for you, leaving you more time for crucial tasks?

An AI that grasps the context of your emails and offers precise replies, sparing you the effort of composing the ideal response.

In this post, I have reviewed the popular cold emailing tools available on the market today to help you find the best cold email AI tools for your needs.

Let’s explore the best cold email AI tools.

1. is an all-in-one outreach automation platform offering a range of features, such as an email warmer, email finder, email verifier, email tracker, email drip campaigns, and a Chrome extension.

It stands out by offering the most diverse prospecting and cold outreach functions such as personalized cold email, cold email template library, and personalized campaigns with automatic follow-ups to sell.

The system aims to accelerate the process and transform potential future earnings into tangible results while streamlining and enhancing lead generation, email marketing, and sales outreach efforts.

This AI tool also provides a technology checker, boolean search strings generator, API access, and integrations with over 5,000 tools to make your workflow faster and easier. is available in four languages to cater to your needs, including English, Chinese, Portuguese, and Ukrainian, making expanding your business easier. Additional languages are planned for future updates.

To gain a deeper understanding, I highly recommend checking out the exhaustive review of

Key Features

  • AI-powered email warmer to improve deliverability
  • Email Finer with an extensive database
  • Email Verifier to reduce bounce rate
  • Personalized cold email
  • Template library
  • Drip Campaign to scale up sales
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Automated follow-up emails


  • Free Plan: Limited to 150 credits, 100 email recipients
  • Starter: $30/m for 1000 credits, 5000 email recipients
  • Pro: $75/m for 5000 credits, 10000 email recipients
  • Custom: From $999/m (managed services)

2. Rocket Reach


RocketReach is a powerful and comprehensive contact search and outreach platform that aims to help businesses find and connect with professionals across various industries.

It is designed to streamline the process of identifying and reaching out to potential leads, clients, or partners.

RocketReach boasts a vast database of over 700 million professionals across 35 million companies, giving users access to accurate and up-to-date contact information. 

The Advanced Search feature simplifies the process of locating suitable professionals, boasting an accuracy rate of over 85%.

By activating the RocketReach Chrome Extension on any website, users can effortlessly discover leads on AngelList, Crunchbase, Google, and LinkedIn.

Users can choose from numerous search criteria to find emails and phone numbers that meet their needs.

This tool empowers sales teams to connect with key decision-makers using up-to-date emails, phone numbers, and links.

By using this platform, users can access valuable company data and statistics, helping to recruit top candidates more quickly than competitors and ensuring a perfect fit for any company or brand.

Though it’s not strictly based on AI, this software is one platform that boasts the largest data in cold email lead generation.

Its main data covers mostly large companies, so it might not be the best fit for email marketers targeting small businesses.

Key Features

  • Advanced search: Find contact list by name, title, location, industry, etc.
  • Email & phone lookup: Get verified emails and phone numbers.
  • Chrome extension: Seamless browsing integration.
  • CRM integration: Connect with Salesforce, HubSpot, and more.
  • Bulk search & API: Conduct mass searches and utilize the API.


Individuals Plans:

  • Essential Plan: $39/month, 1,200 lookups/month
  • Pro Plan: $99/month, 3,600 lookups/month
  • Ultimate Plan: $249/month, 10,000 lookups/month

Team Plans

  • Team Pro: $83/month, 3,600 lookups/month
  • Team Ultimate: $207/month, 10,000 lookups/month
  • Enterprise: Custom price, Unlimited annual lookups


Warmer-ai-mainpage is an AI (artificial intelligence) powered email writer tool that leverages natural language processing and machine learning to assist you in crafting more effective and tailored outreach emails.

It specializes in cold emailing to create personalized emails just for them, aiming to enhance open rates and conversions.

Designed specifically for personalized cold emails, automatically examines your target business’ or individuals’ LinkedIn profiles or websites.

It configures your email audience based on various traits. Armed with this information, it generates highly customized emails, and you can easily craft single emails or even create multiple ones using a CSV file.

Key Features

  • AI writing tool for tailored outreach emails
  • Highly personalized cold email outreach instantly 
  • Analyzes potential leads’ LinkedIn or websites
  • AI examines targets for better email customization
  • Generates customized emails based on various traits.
  • Crafts single or multiple emails utilizing CSV file


  • Free trial: 25 credits
  • Most popular plan: $97 for 325 credits
  • Average credit cost: $0.21


Apollo-io-main-page is a data-driven engagement platform that helps businesses incorporate artificial intelligence into their workflows, assisting them in executing, analyzing, and enhancing their growth strategy.

The platform collects verified emails and contact numbers directly from LinkedIn, enabling users to connect with potential prospects and track email opens. With 200+ data points, it helps build perfect lists to target ideal buyers., an AI-powered platform, constantly scans the database to identify and suggest potential customers. It also delivers real-time data, ensuring no leads are missed.

The platform lets users automate emails and set up a series of measurable, testable touchpoints for seamless engagement with prospects and customers.

With a single click, makes it easy to dial calls, record, transcribe, categorize, and log them into its system.

Key Features

  • Data-driven platform: Integrates AI for improved growth strategy execution and analysis.
  • Verified contact collection: Easily connects with prospects and tracks emails via LinkedIn.
  • Targeted lead lists: Utilizes 200+ data points for ideal buyer targeting.
  • AI-powered lead suggestions: Scans databases and offers real-time data to prevent missed leads.
  • Email automation and touchpoints: Streamlines email and touchpoint setup for seamless engagement.
  • One-click call management: Enables dialing, recording, transcribing, categorizing, and logging calls with ease.


  • Free: $0 /month/annual commitment
  • Basic: $39 /month/annual commitment
  • Pro: $79 /month/annual commitment
  • Organization: $79 /month/annual commitment


Lyne-ai-main- utilizes advanced algorithms to extract valuable contact information from LinkedIn profiles for cold email marketing.

The platform aims to save you time and increase conversion rates by delivering highly targeted and relevant messages to your prospects.

It is user-friendly, efficient, and capable of processing large volumes of data to enhance your marketing efforts.

Lyne uses a sophisticated AI model to analyze each prospect’s online profile for automated lead generation.

It also generates tailored subject lines for each email, ensuring unique and relevant content to improve open rates.

Lyne stands out by crafting hyper-personalized introductions for your cold outreach messages.

Additionally, Lyne supports multiple languages, including English, Dutch, German, French, Portuguese, and Spanish.

Key Features

  • Extracts LinkedIn contact info using advanced algorithms
  • Saves time and increases conversion rates with targeted messages
  • Efficient, user-friendly, and handles large data volumes
  • AI-powered lead generation and prospect analysis
  • Tailored subject lines for improved open rates
  • Hyper-personalized cold outreach introductions
  • Supports multiple languages


  • Free trial: 25 free credits
  • Most popular plan: $120 per 1,200 credits
  • Average credit cost: $0.10


SmartWriter-ai-main-page is a personalization outreach software that creates unique icebreakers using customer data from sources such as their LinkedIn profile, bio, job description, recommendations, and recent activity.

It allows you to personalize your message based on the company’s case studies, blog posts, news mentions, or unique aspects of the firm.

The AI contextualized pitches are created using LinkedIn profiles. You can scrape thousands of qualified leads from LinkedIn Sales Navigator (500M+ profiles) for free, find verified emails, and get deeply enriched LinkedIn data (personal and company) for personalizing your emails. searches 2.3 billion pages per lead to find everything relevant and fresh about your prospect, empowering sales teams during demos.

It analyzes your prospect’s website to find case studies, blogs, Google News, and LinkedIn profiles of leaders, creating a unique outreach message based on data.

Generate a complete cold email from a personalized introduction using prospect online data to your product pitch, leveraging information from various sources such as Google Reviews, Website News, Podcasts, News mentions, Article mentions, Blog mentions, Webinar and speaking events, and Medium blogs.

With this software, you can easily acquire hundreds of backlinks through contextual, personalized outreach.

Your outreach campaigns are built using unique NLP engines that gather data from LinkedIn, Google, News Feeds, Crunchbase, and more, resulting in emails encouraging customers to act.

Acting like an in-house email expert without the expense or commitment, transforms your message into the perfect email every time.

On average, it saves clients over an hour daily on research, drafting, and editing emails.

Key Features

  • Personalized outreach using customer data
  • Contextual backlink acquisition
  • Unique NLP engines for data gathering
  • Time-saving email drafting and editing
  • AI-generated contextualized pitches
  • Scraping qualified leads from LinkedIn Sales Navigator
  • Enriched LinkedIn data for personalizing emails
  • Comprehensive prospect data search
  • AI analysis of prospect’s website for targeted outreach
  • Complete cold email generation from introduction to the product pitch


  • Basic: $59 /month
  • Popular $149 /month
  • Pro: $359 /month
  • Annual commitment: 20% discount below

7. is an AI-driven cold email platform specializing in crafting effective and personalized email communication. 

Its strength lies in optimizing email content based on recipient preferences, making it a powerful tool for creating engaging cold emails. 

With features such as real-time suggestions, subject line optimization, and sentiment analysis, helps users improve their email writing and overall outreach strategy.’s AI Coach assists you in writing better emails more quickly by integrating with your existing cold email templates in Gmail or Outlook 365. 

It offers access to email templates, grammar and spelling checks, and performance tracking for a comprehensive email experience.

Key Features

  • AI-powered suggestions
  • Subject line optimizer
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Email templates
  • Grammar and spelling checks
  • Performance tracking


This tool is available for individuals and teams; no credit card is needed to begin using it.

If you are a student, job seeker, or self-funded entrepreneur, Lavender is available for free.

Simply contact their team, and they will upgrade your account until you are fully employed or generating steady revenue.

  • Basic: $0 /month
  • Individual Pro: $29 /month
  • Team: $49 /month

Why Should I Consider Using AI for Email Writer?

For several reasons, AI writing tools for cold email campaigns can be highly beneficial for businesses.

One of the main advantages is improved efficiency.

AI-powered email tools can generate personalized emails quickly, saving time and effort compared to manual writing.

Another benefit is enhanced hyper-personalization through automated outreach. It can tailor messages for each recipient based on their online presence, interests, or industry.

This increases the chances of receiving a positive response. Cold Email AI-generated emails are more likely to be engaging and relevant to the potential clients, which leads to higher open and response rates.

AI email writing tools allow businesses to scale their email outreach efforts.

This AI software makes it easy to send numerous personalized emails at once, reaching a larger audience. This is particularly useful for growing businesses that need to maintain a wide reach.

Lastly, AI-driven email tools have the ability to learn from past interactions and improve their messaging over time.

This leads to more effective communication strategies, ensuring businesses continue evolving and improving their email campaigns that ultimately increase revenue using AI.

How Does a Cold Email Generator Work?

Cold email software that generates personalized copy uses NLP and machine learning techniques.

This software works with extensive datasets containing emails similar to those you want to produce.

Over time, the gathered data helps create readable text for emails.

To personalize your product, you need information about your contacts.

Tools like can obtain this data using a private LinkedIn URL.

Then, it generates customized cold emails using a battle-tested scripting framework.

Are Cold Email AI Tools Really Using Artificial Intelligence?

The process of gathering personalized information is not AI-based; it’s simple web scraping.

However, when tools create message headlines and introductory sentences, they use an AI program, Chat GPT.

Artificial intelligence can generate text that closely resembles human-written work.

While the research itself isn’t entirely artificial, processing and translating this research into emails is done using the same AI system.

PAA(People Also Ask)

Is cold email illegal?

Cold email is not illegal.

However, it is essential to follow specific guidelines and regulations when sending cold emails to ensure you are compliant with the law.

In the United States, the primary regulation governing cold emails is the CAN-SPAM Act, which sets requirements for commercial messages, gives recipients the right to have you stop emailing them, and establishes penalties for violations.

Make sure your cold emails are transparent, contain accurate sender information, and provide an easy way for recipients to opt-out or unsubscribe.

Which AI can write emails?  Flowrite, and Lavender. Ai is an email writing AI tool that automatically generates email messages based on the data extracted from websites and social media like Linkedin. 

Does cold emailing work anymore?

Cold emailing still works as a marketing and sales strategy.

However, its effectiveness depends on several factors, such as the quality of your email list, your message’s relevance to the recipient, personalization, and a compelling call to action.

While it may not be as effective as warm emailing or networking, cold emailing can generate leads and foster connections when done correctly.

To improve your cold emailing results, focus on targeting the right audience, crafting engaging subject lines, personalizing your messages, and following up appropriately.

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